Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Pictures and Katasha's coming to town!

So, this past week my sister, Katasha, and her fiance, Tim, came through on their way to Boston, where they both graduated from photography school. While they were here, they were kind enough to take some family pictures of us. We've posted a few of the pictures they took, both here and on the post below this one... amazing.

They will actually be passing through again on their way back to Utah. If anybody in the Lexington area is interested in getting photos taken, they said they would give a special discounted rate while they're in town. Actually, if you're reading this blog and you live someplace between Utah and Kentucky, they may be able to make a stop on their way through. They'll be here on Wednesday (4th) and will probably be around until Friday (6th). If your interested in getting some photos, just send an email to either me or Rachel.

A Little Secret

I have a little secret,
It's not just about me;

It's something very special
For our whole family.

It isn't a new car, a toy, or a cat;

It's something far more special
Than anything like that.

They say I'm a big boy now;
I walk and talk and run.

I like to laugh and joke and play;
I'm always having fun.

But now my fun will be combined
With the joy of something new;

'Cause I'll be a big brother
Before the age of two!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Camp Nelson and Rain Storm

...And Tarfork. We've had a busy few weeks! Since school and teaching began we've been a little bit crazy (more on that later) but we've had some fun amidst the craziness. Over conference weekend we took a trip up to our friends' cabin in Tarfork to watch General Conference. We had a great time hanging out with friends there and McKay had fun playing with Axl and Gabby...and Millie the dog. As you can see, McKay was locating Millie's nose for her. Very helpful.
Working backward, a few weeks ago we had a gigantic rainstorm that flooded our whole yard and street. McKay, BJ, and I were just arriving home from the store when McKay spotted the flooding and started frantically pointing at all the water. We thought, hey, why not? and let him go for it. You're only a kid once, right? Here was the result.
And, a few weeks before that, we attended the Camp Nelson Civil War historical site. We saw men and women dressed in authentic Civil War attire, reenacting the lifestyle and events of the Civil War. It was very interesting!

And, of course, McKay found another dog to play with.