Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Photos 2012

My cousin, Mallory DeMotte of Mallory Renee Photography, is a very talented photographer. She mostly works with couples on engagment and wedding photo shoots but she was willing to take some family photos for us and I was thrilled with the results! I really love these pics and would highly recommend her work.

She is still so tiny but already trying to stand up like her brothers.

I love this pic, especially of Benson. He looks like a little man! Totally makes me smile.

My three favorite faces in all the world. These little people are so much fun!

Do you see the joy and delight on Benson's face? Yeah, this boy loves his treats!

One of my favorites of the shoot. :)

Handsome boy

My little Princess

I love this picture because it is true to life. During the first few months of her life, Lily would cry every time BJ picked her up. She likes him a lot more now but it sure was funny at first. Even in the photo shoot, as soon as he was holding her, she started to fuss. Hehehe

And the happy couple.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart attack

Two little cupids paid a visit to Nana and Papas house!  Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade Christmas-Benson

I have great in-laws. Have I ever mentioned that? I really do. On both sides! And I feel very lucky to be able to say that.
It is tradition in the Robertson family that each year we draw a name for one person in the family and make something homemade for them. This year my new brother-in-law, Todd Wiese, drew my name. His gift to me was priceless. He has an awesome camera and loves to take pictures so he gave me a photo shoot of my kids! Honestly, I could hardly love anything more. As a busy mom, it is all I can do to get everyone, including myself, dressed and fed every day. Pictures often go right out the window, especially nice ones. So THANK YOU TODD! Here are some his handy work.

These are a few favorites of Benson. I love them because they capture his sweet and funny little personality. Yesterday we were driving to church and Benson was sitting the back seat shouting, "Yea, Nursery!" I said, "Benson, do you love Nursery?" He replied, "Yes! I get 'nacks, fruit 'nacks, and toys!"
Truly, what's not to love?

Above, Todd captured Benson's "huh?" face. Whenever Benson doesn't understand someone or is confused, he'll look up and say, "huh?" with this very expression.

Benson is a delightful little person. He is always cheerful and loves to laugh. The only time he deviates from his cheerfulness is when he is overly tired. Most kids throw tantrums when they're tired but Benson gets a rye smile on his face and starts destroying things instead. It's actually a pretty commical trait, except when he knocks over a pile of freshly folded laundry, dumps McKay's legos all over the floor, or starts throwing his snacks all over the room. But, when he's well-rested he is pure delight.

Benson has a serious sweet tooth. He loves fruit snacks, treats, and chocolate milk. He does not love food. Really. I can hardly get him to eat anything besides milk. In fact, things were getting so bad that we finally instituted a "chocolate milk only on Sundays" policy at our house. The boys have chocolate milk at Nana and Grandmas' houses all the time so we determined we needed to cut back on the sugar somehow. Meanwhile, the boys always complained on Sunday mornings because they aren't allowed to watch their regular cartoons and they have to wear church clothes (two very unpopular points). So, we decided that the chocolate milk ban would be lifted on Sunday mornings so that they could have something to look forward to. So far it's worked great! 

Benson holds a very special place in my heart. He reminds me so much of his daddy, who likewise holds a special place in my heart. Plus, he is gentle to the core and sweet. I can hardly bare to make him unhappy because he is always so good.
A few days ago Benson and McKay had made a mess and I was speaking sternly to them about not purposefully making messes. After I walked away, Benson followed me into the kitchen, wrapped his little arms around my leg and said in a pleading little voice, "Mommy, you no be mad at me"? It just melted me to the core. He can't bare to think of anyone being upset at him or being hurt by him. If he thinks he has hurt my feelings (like if I start pretending to cry) he'll immediately run to me and give me hugs and kisses until I stop.
Benson is a good sharer and will often give McKay the toy he really wants in order to avoid McKay being sad. This can't be said of many two-year-olds.
I love this sweet little boy so much. His name, Benson James (BJ) is absolutely appropriate. He is a mini-version of his Daddy and a delight to have in our home.
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bouncing Girl

We've started putting Lily in her bouncer toy but she seems luke warm about the whole thing. She sort of looks around at it rather tentatively, bats at a few toys, then starts to fuss. Hopefully she'll get the hang of it soon. In the meantime the boys are having a great time with it, swinging it back and forth at each other. At least it keeps someone entertained.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Peas in a Pod

Sometimes changes seems to come so slowly and other times things can change in an instant. Five days ago, Benson stopped napping. Just stopped. Until about two weeks ago he was taking two or three hour naps every day. He seemed to enjoy them. Then he had a few days of crying at nap time, saying he didn't want to nap but would still sleep for a couple of hours. Then on Sunday, he kept shouting throughout his nap time. I would try and settle him down only to hear him shouting a few minutes later. That was his last nap this week and he hasn't looked back.
I dreaded this stage because with McKay it was a misery. He was usually exhausted but didn't want to nap. He would be onry all afternoon and usually would throw at least one gigantic fit each day. (Oh wait, this is still going on...) So I assumed that it was be the same frustrating situation with Benson. Nope. He has been so cheerful all week. He can handle himself without the nap with little to no fussing. It's pretty amazing actually.
Swearing off naps has had other consiquences too. It's as if both McKay and Benson now view Benson as a "big boy". Somehow getting rid of the nap has turned Benson into a "friend" in McKay's eyes. It has been a wonderful development. It's like the baby is gone and the little boy version of Benson has taken his place overnight. It is both strange and sweet. Mostly I'm so grateful that after years of big brother, little brother these two sweethearts are genuinely friends. McKay now seeks out Benson to play and Benson seems thrilled to be in the big boy club. I don't think there is anything sweeter than seeing your children love each other. Hooray!!
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