Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Details

It's been a while since I just talked a little about each of these folks. They do so many funny little things all the time. Each is so different from the others and I just adore them all. So individual and so fun in their own unique way.
This is Benson on Preschool Hat Day. Out of about seven choices he chose "Papa's Hat" because it is the one he sees his Papa wearing while he works in the yard. He wanted to look like his Papa and was so proud!

A couple mornings ago Benson was the first one up. After waking me up and summoning me to the family room he trundled out to the couch and curled up in his blankets. As usual, he asked for warm milk in a sippy (he still only likes milk if it's warm) and waited on the couch for it. While he was waiting he must have been picking his nose because when I brought over his cup he was examining a little red something stuck to the end of his finger. He held it up to me and said, "Look, Mom! There's a craisin in my nose!"

Two weeks ago we were sitting in church. BJ now conducts the music in Sacrament Meeting, so I sit alone with the 3 kids until about 30 minutes into the meeting. It's a juggling act for sure just to keep them all in the seats, busy, and quiet. At one point I was tending to Lily, trying to keep her busy. Benson was playing quietly with a train book on the floor and McKay was sitting above him coloring. McKay began to subconsciously swing his legs. He didn't realize that his legs were swinging right between Benson and Benson's book. After a few moments of leg-swinging Benson got annoyed. He looked up at McKay and said loudly, "Hey, Knock it off, you wee-wdo (weirdo)!" 
I saw several adults cover their mouths and start shaking with laughter. I was one of them.

Benson is such a happy little boy. He is so cheerful about almost everything. He loves everyone. He loves to play almost anything. He loves treats a lot. He just finds great enjoyment in life and it is so daw-gone cute! He also gets frustrated pretty easily and completely loses it at the drop of a hat. There really is no middle-ground. He's either happy or miserable. Not too much in between. Luckily he's mostly happy and I love him for it.