Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Baseball

Benson's 1st birthday was yesterday and we celebrated in All-American style! Once a year BJ's dental school is treated to a tasty meal and box seats at the local baseball team by a local dental practice.

Last year's event happened a few days after Benson was born so he and I stayed home while BJ and McKay went to the game. They came back thrilled with it all. BJ and McKay watched the game, played catch on the sidelines, and McKay got a foul ball. It sounded like so much fun we all decided to go again this year.

This year's game landed on Benson's birthday so we all went and had a great time. None of us saw much of the game but we enjoyed the food and friends immensely. Here we all are, attempting to get Benson's birthday hat on him.

Speaking of that birthday hat, while we were in the car driving to the game, McKay kept saying from the back seat, "Mom, can I have that space ship?" I couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about until, at a stop light, I turned around and saw him pointing at Benson's birthday hat. For the rest of the evening he carried around his "space ship", flying it through the maze of tables. We had to pry it out of McKay's hands to get a picture of Benson wearing the birthday hat.

Happy Birthday Benson!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boo!

My Darling Benson Boo,

One year ago today you were born. And I shouted for joy. "That was amazing", I just kept shouting, over and over again. And it was.

When I held you for the first time, your birth-cries quieted, and you stared into my eyes. "Hello my darling" was all I could say and kissed your soft, new cheeks. Joy: intense, both familiar and new, wrapped around me as I held you.

Joy has been a year now. A year of meeting. You've introduced yourself. It has been my pleasure. So much like your daddy; it makes me smile. Cheerful and calm, quick to smile, brave and curious, independent and oh so loving. Happy to learn and explore but always ready to cuddle. And eat. Anything.

A mother once before, I wasn't certain I could love again. My greatest comfort was to discover you. Wrapped in sweetness. Filling me with joy. Absolutely the same and totally different.

I love you my little darling.