Saturday, October 26, 2013

A compliment

This morning BJ's dental office entered a float into the Dixie State University Homecoming Parade. We've entered a few parades before and always have a great time. This was the first parade that the boys participated in. Usually they find a nice spot along the parade route with Nana and Papa to take full advantage of the candy-collecting. However, this time encouraged them to join us in the parade.

After getting them ready this morning I went into the bathroom to get myself ready. Knowing we were going to be riding on the float, I curled my hair a little more than usual. I also put on a bit more make-up, specifically I put on a little more eyeliner than usual.

When I walked out of the bathroom to head the kids to the car McKay looked at me and did a double-take. Then he said, "Mom, you look different than your usual self."

I asked, "What do you mean, McKay?" Thinking maybe he was trying to tell me I looked nice today.

He replied, "You look different...kind of like a witch."

"What?!" I said, rather horrified.

Once he realized he had made me feel bad he quickly backpedaled, "What I mean is that you look really pretty today, Mom."

I felt like a million bucks heading to the parade, let me tell you.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Robertson Family Photos 2013

As part of our Robertson Family reunion we got some new family pictures! It's a good thing too because we've had some major changes since our last round of photos.

Our reunion was up in Pine Valley, so the lovely and talented Katasha Conner of Infinity Imagery graciously came all the way up to do the photo shoot.

"B.Rae" and the crew

Dan, Angie, and Baby Mark "Dangie"

Becky and Todd "Bod"

Dave and Trisha "Dish"

Mom and Dad!

Monday, October 7, 2013


We know our kids love us but sometimes, based on their reactions you really wouldn't know it. For example, the other day McKay and Benson were over at Nana's house while BJ and I did a few errands. When we returned to pick them up, BJ walked into the house. When Benson saw him come in he let out a howl and shouted, 
"Not AGAIN!!!"

Guess we know who wins the popularity contests around here!

Friday, October 4, 2013

McKay's latest after church on Sunday:
(Background: McKay recently discovered the MegaBlocks Halo characters and plays with them all the time)

McKay: Mom, We sang about Halo guys today in Primary!

Rachel: What?!

McKay: Yeah, it went like this... "We are as the armies of Halo Men!"
Photo: McKay's latest after church on Sunday:
(Background: McKay recently discovered the MegaBlocks Halo characters and plays with them all the time)

McKay: Mom, We sang about Halo guys today in Primary!

Rachel: What?

McKay: Yeah, it went like this... "We are as the armies of Halo Men!"

Monday, September 2, 2013

Robertson Family Reunion

It's Family Reunion time! This was our first ever Robertson Family Reunion with all of my siblings being married. We spent a couple of days in Las Vegas at a great little resort "Cancun" that didn't feel at all like Las Vegas. It was really refreshing! They had a great pool and nice rooms with kitchenettes. We went shopping, ate at PF Changs and Maggianos.Yum!

Then we headed up to Pine Valley for a few days in our friends' cabin. It was so beautiful there. Lots of green trees and fields and so quiet. You could sit outside and listen to the breeze rustling the leaves. The nights actually got chilly and the stars were so beautiful. 

One morning we took a hike along the newly paved riverwalk trail. It winds along the stream that feeds from the reservoir. It was so fun to go together and enjoy the beauty around us. The boys were great little hikers too!

Eventually their legs got a little tired.

Here we all are at the reservoir. 


Benson really has a special affinity for Becky. He was so excited when he heard she was coming. I really think it has a lot to do with the time Becky spent with him when he was first born. She came for a month when Benson was a newborn and cared for him a lot while I was recuperating. Though he was tiny, I think he got to know her then and has always really loved her for that early bond they shared. 

On the trail with Papa, Todd, Benson, Daddy, and McKay

Afterward we all sat down for a nice drink together. Angie and Baby Mark also went on the hike which was really impressive! They both did great but Little Mark was very hungry afterward so they were feeding him while the rest of us were chillin' post-hike.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

They Keep Us Laughing

These kids keep me laughing! Here are a few things that have made us laugh recently.

Benson loves his new preschool. He really loves it. Every day he asked me if it is a school day. We have a preschool carpool with our friends Laura and Sara, her daughter. Yesterday, as usual, Benson asked me if it was a school day. When I told him it was, he got very excited then thought for a moment then said, "Will I ride with my preschool friend, Syrup?"

A few weeks ago in church I was trying to keep the boys quiet while the sacrament was passed. I pulled out the LDS art book and started showing the boys pictures of gospel stories. I turned to a picture of Peter trying to walk on the water. I whispered to the boys that this was a story about Peter. Benson looked up at me in confusion and said, "Where Captain Hook?"

Little Miss Lily has picked up walking and seems to love it! She freely wanders the house, exploring everything. Don't even think about leaving a toilet seat up...

Her walk is about the most adorable thing ever. She doesn't close her legs, so she kind of saunters like a cowboy who's been in the saddle too long.

Lily is starting to talk too. She says "Mama, Dadda, Nanna, and baby". When she refers to her baby she says, "deedee". So cute!

McKay is sounding more and more like a little grown-up all the time. He reasons, barters, wheels and deals, and tries to use his ever widening vocabulary However, sometimes he pronounces the words slightly incorrectly. For example, he and Benson love to make "potions" which he calls "poll-tions". When he refers to grown-ups, he calls them "Dolts". And, when he has done his Saturday chores he asks Dad if he can play the Batman "Key-See" game (Batman DC, that is).

McKay was very excited to begin kindergarten. He looked forward to the first day and couldn't wait to go. However, when I picked him up after his first day he said, "Mom, I'm never going back to kindergarten. I'm going to go to Benson's school instead". Nevertheless, I took him again the next day, despite listening to him all morning long tell me that he was NOT going back to school. I may or may not have bribed him to walk into the school that second day by promising to take him to get a new toy when school ended. Ahem.

Anyway, when I picked him up on Day 2 he was all smiles and reported that he'd had a wonderful day. As we were walking to the car he said to me, "Mom, I know the secret of kindergarten. Sometimes you have a good day...and sometimes you don't. And that's the secret of kindergarten."

Sunday, July 28, 2013

You'll Run

For my darling McKay.
Love, Mom

You'll Run

Did you see, My Son, the tear in my eye, did you see, my son, the tear
When you said, "I'll go to school very soon" and I said, "Oh yes, very soon, my dear."
"You'll wear a cast when you go to school", though my voice was nonchalant,
Your reply confirmed what my heart fears, "But Mom, how will I run?!"

You'll run, My Son, every day of your life,
You'll run, My Son, from your chair.
Though for a time, your feet will be still,
You'll run a race beyond compare.

You'll choose each day which path will be yours,
You'll choose the voices you heed.
You'll run each day as you face your fears.
You'll run to God in need.

You'll run as you learn and sense and grow,
And your pain, your strife will teach you to know,
What it is to long for what you can't reach.
Empathy is a lesson experience must teach.

So you'll run, My Son, even from a wheelchair,
As your heart begins to grow,
You'll run, My Son, though the stillness confines,
You'll run as you come to know-

That your Heavenly Father is there, My Son,
Your Heavenly Father is there.
And someday very soon you'll run again
With strength that was not there,
Until you sat for a while, My Son,
In the classroom of a chair.

Though I long to see you run, My Son,
Though I long to see you free,
I know that God who watches o'r us each day,
Doesn't leave it up to me.

For He knows, My Son, that to be all we can
To become just like His Son,
He knows my Son, to become like Him,
Sometimes we must sit when we'd rather run.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Safety Town

This summer McKay and his cousin Bo attended Safety Town, a great program through our city where children are taught how to be safe in all different kinds of circumstances. McKay LOVED it! He keeps asking when he can go back.
Each day he would come home talking about the activities. "Mom, today we crawled through a window and there was smoke everywhere!" "Mom, today we met a real police man". "Mom, today we put our fingerprints on paper and if someone steals me I'm going to touch everything in the car so that the police will find me again." "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a forest ranger. They are the coolest!" 
What a ham!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Me: I'm going to do my hair real quick.
McKay: But dad, I thought you were bald!

It's good to have a subtle reminder now and then :-)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Benson's 3rd Birthday

This year we celebrated Benson's birthday in Pirate Style! Benson loves to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates so it was no surprise that he requested a "Jake" birthday party. 
Each little party attendee received the invitation above which was rolled up and placed in a bottle like a true treasure map. 
Benson's cousin Boots reportedly carried the map and bottle around the house all week talking about the treasure he'd find at Benson's birthday!

As they arrived, each pirate received a pirate hat and were led on a treasure hunt to find the rest of the pirate booty.

Look out, Me Harties, it's a fearsome crew!
Showing their best pirate faces.

And their birthday faces (except for McKay who apparently was still showing his pirate face.)

Benson leading the band of pirates on the pirate relay race.

After walking the plank, each pirate had to bounce on the tramp and launch water cannons at Captain Hook.

Nothing like some Pirate Pizza after a treasure hunt! Especially when it's enjoyed with Nana and cousin Isi.

Never fear, Captain Benson is here!

Benson and Boots with their loot.