Thursday, August 30, 2012

Profound Questions of a 4-year-old

So, last night, McKay had a bad dream. He came in during the middle of the night pretty shaken up. It was pretty sad.

So tonight, he said to Rachel that he didn't want to have any dreams at all. Rachel replied that he could ask Heavenly Father to help him not to have dreams.

Afterwards, McKay came in to where I was and asked a series of questions, including "How can Heavenly Father see us? Can he see everyone? How? How does he help us to not have any bad dreams?" (the list continues).
In my attempt to explain in words that a 4-year-old could understand, I stated that He has "powers" that help him. He got that one right away.

His response: "Powers? So He can just wap all of the other heavenly fathers?" 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lily's First Bath


 Lily seemed to enjoy her first first.

 Then, not so much.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lily Elizabeth: Welcome to the World

Lily Elizabeth made her debut on August 16th at 11:20 pm. She came into the world after 11 hours of labor but made it just in time to share a birthday with her Aunt Debi, cousin Harry, and cousin Mary & Nick's anniversary. 

Lily came out crying a high-pitched wail and someone immediately said, "she'll be a singer". We hope so. Once the initial tests were completed, she snuggled up to Mom and Dad and was absolutely peaceful.

At first look, Lily resembled Benson, with a round face and chubby cheeks. However, her profile looks just like McKay. 

First snuggles with Daddy.

Lily was awake for several hours just looking around and taking this new world in. She didn't cry at all, just stared into our eyes, curious and gentle. 

There is always a sweetness in the room during those first few hours with a new baby. Those introductions are so precious and the Spirit of the new child, straight from Heaven, is so strong. Lily came to Earth with  a peace about her that has been both healing and strengthening.

"Hello, Nanna!"

"Hello, Papa!"

"Hello, Grandma!"

Tucked in Daddy's arm.

Welcome to the world, my beautiful baby girl.
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