Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cuteness and Cravings

Is cuteness actually a word? Not sure but it works to describe my little man. He his talking and starting to put sentences together. Tonight we were trying to put him to bed and he really wanted to keep rocking. Each time BJ or I would try to lay him down in his bed, he would say most pitifully, "Rock Baby". Man was it hard not to pick him back up and cuddle with him some more. I could hardly resist and only held out because it was already 2 hours past bedtime.

One of my favorite McKay pronunciations these days is his version of treat which sounds like "Tweet". The "ee" is of course prolonged when he really wants one.

And, yes, I have been having weird cravings lately. I mean weird! With Mckay I craved sugar and fruit. I once ate half a watermelon by myself! However, with this pregnancy I've had serious cravings for this:

It's true, I can hardly resist soft scrub and laundry detergent, and have come dangerously close to slurping up the dish detergent. In a moment of weakness the other day I actually licked the soap while in the shower and, guess what, it was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I had to get out of the shower before I made myself sick.

Obviously since I can't go around feasting on cleaners, I had to find a decent substitute. This is about the only thing that soothes:

I bought some Sonic Ice today in the drive-thru. Delicious!