Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's A...


BJ and I were both quite surprised. Honestly, we were so sure it was a girl that I almost made the ultrasound tech check again. Luckily I restrained myself and only uttered a small "hmmm" (I thought "WHAT?!" might be slightly inappropriate).

Anyway, we are having another little boy and are very happy about it. BJ thinks it's great because now we'll have the makings of a barbershop quartet. :) And, as one of my voice students put it, it's great because McKay is a cute boy and the world needs more of them. Thanks Michelle. :)

Everything else, including the feet, looked great on the ultrasound. Our little little man (BJ's nickname for the little little guy) was rolling around and kicking his very straight-looking feet, so hopefully no club foot problems this time. We're very grateful for that!

Here's to little men!