Thursday, August 29, 2013

They Keep Us Laughing

These kids keep me laughing! Here are a few things that have made us laugh recently.

Benson loves his new preschool. He really loves it. Every day he asked me if it is a school day. We have a preschool carpool with our friends Laura and Sara, her daughter. Yesterday, as usual, Benson asked me if it was a school day. When I told him it was, he got very excited then thought for a moment then said, "Will I ride with my preschool friend, Syrup?"

A few weeks ago in church I was trying to keep the boys quiet while the sacrament was passed. I pulled out the LDS art book and started showing the boys pictures of gospel stories. I turned to a picture of Peter trying to walk on the water. I whispered to the boys that this was a story about Peter. Benson looked up at me in confusion and said, "Where Captain Hook?"

Little Miss Lily has picked up walking and seems to love it! She freely wanders the house, exploring everything. Don't even think about leaving a toilet seat up...

Her walk is about the most adorable thing ever. She doesn't close her legs, so she kind of saunters like a cowboy who's been in the saddle too long.

Lily is starting to talk too. She says "Mama, Dadda, Nanna, and baby". When she refers to her baby she says, "deedee". So cute!

McKay is sounding more and more like a little grown-up all the time. He reasons, barters, wheels and deals, and tries to use his ever widening vocabulary However, sometimes he pronounces the words slightly incorrectly. For example, he and Benson love to make "potions" which he calls "poll-tions". When he refers to grown-ups, he calls them "Dolts". And, when he has done his Saturday chores he asks Dad if he can play the Batman "Key-See" game (Batman DC, that is).

McKay was very excited to begin kindergarten. He looked forward to the first day and couldn't wait to go. However, when I picked him up after his first day he said, "Mom, I'm never going back to kindergarten. I'm going to go to Benson's school instead". Nevertheless, I took him again the next day, despite listening to him all morning long tell me that he was NOT going back to school. I may or may not have bribed him to walk into the school that second day by promising to take him to get a new toy when school ended. Ahem.

Anyway, when I picked him up on Day 2 he was all smiles and reported that he'd had a wonderful day. As we were walking to the car he said to me, "Mom, I know the secret of kindergarten. Sometimes you have a good day...and sometimes you don't. And that's the secret of kindergarten."