Monday, March 17, 2014

A Dream

I was pulled from sleep in the dark of the early morning by a cry from McKay. He had come into our room sometime during the night and was lying in a pile of blankets at the foot of the bed. First it was one cry, then another, then, to my surprise, he began weeping.

Though I was still nearly asleep, I could tell his tears were of sorrow. I foggily asked him, “McKay, what’s the matter?” To which he replied, “Oh Mom! I had a bad dream! You died and dad did too!” And then his voice broke and the tears overtook him. He just cried like his little heart was breaking. 

I’ve heard him cry often enough but hardly ever with this kind of sorrow. Even in my drowsy state tears came to my eyes as I realized-- he was weeping for me.

To see his real sorrow and understand it was born out of deep love was both heart-warming and heart-breaking.

I pulled him up into the bed and held him in my arms. I wiped the tears from his cheeks and whispered over and over again, "Mommy is here for you. Mommy will never leave you." until he quieted and fell back to sleep in my arms.

I pray that I am around to wipe his tears, hold him, and comfort him until long after he needs me.