Sunday, June 27, 2010

Benson's Photo Shoot with Sarah

Our dear friend Sarah Lassen has recently started a photography business and graciously used her talents on our little Benson. I love these pictures of him at 6 weeks old. He was very alert through the entire session. We had hoped he would sleep so we could get some curled up little newborn shots but Sarah still managed to get some great shots of him. Above is BJ's favorite.
His seriously tiny feet. McKay's feet were bigger than this at birth.
Rachel's favorite. :)
Yes, this is him holding himself up at 6 weeks. He's very curious and likes to see the world.
A little outdoor action. He wears this concerned look most of the time. It's pretty funny.

Thanks so much, Sarah! We love them!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

McKay's First Prayer

Tonight as I was putting McKay to bed, I decided to urge him to repeat what I was saying for our nightly prayer. So, the prayer went something like this (B=BJ, M=McKay)

B: "McKay, say 'Heavenly Father'"
M: *pause* "Henny Fodder" (said in such a quiet whisper that I could hardly make it out)
B: (trying to hold in a chuckle) "Thank You"
M: "Tank You"
B: "For Today"
M: "Tanks Momma... Tanks Nanna, Tanks Papa..."
B: "Thanks for Daddy"
M: ..... "Tanks for Papa"
B: "Please Bless"
M: "Peas Bess"
B: "us"
M: "us"
B: "to be happy"
M: "Bess us Seeping" (sleeping)
B: "In the name"
M: "Name jeezkeist"
B: "Amen"
M: "Amen!"

Friday, June 4, 2010


McKay has turned into quite the talker. We call him our narrator because he literally narrates both his own and everyone else's every move. It's actually quite a handy little trait because, not only do we constantly hear things like, "Pay (McKay's name for himself) eat food", "Pay all done", or "Mommy hold you (meaning Mommy hold me)" but we also get warning of intended misdemeanors. We've been able to stymie several ill-meaning attacks by overhearing things such as, "Hit baby brother", "Pay bite Mommy", or "Throw toy" while they're still in the planning stages. Saves a lot of time-outs.

Recent Funny Phrases include:

Fice Juice (Spicy Juice aka soda pop)
Zanya, it ficey (Lasagna, it's spicy)
Baby hold Pay (meaning the opposite)

McKay tends to be a bit timid about swinging. Okay, he hates it. When we go to the park he MAY sit in the swing but usually panics whenever it actually starts swinging. However, the other day we were swinging with Trisha and baby Shaelynn (who, incidentally, was swinging much higher than McKay and loving it) and Trisha gave McKay an underdog. We reassured him that it was fun. After the first underdog he looked terrified. He was gripping the swing with all his strength and staring at the ground looking absolutely miserable. However, instead of screaming he started saying, "fun", "fun", "fun" in a shaky little voice. He sounded anything but convinced but it sure was funny!

In other news, McKay has discovered he can climb! Oh boy. Yesterday Becky went in to fetch him from his crib after naps. She entered the room and found him straddling the crib, half-way in and half-way out. When asked what he was doing, he simply replied, "climbing"! How one can be frightened of swinging but happy to clamber over the rails of ones crib, I don't understand, but there you have it!