Monday, June 27, 2011

We also saw...

Dan and Angie who were visiting at the same time. We had a big Robertson birthday party to celebrate Daniel and Benson and McKay who had all had b-days in the last month. Then we had a Cox bday bash where the boy's birthdays were celebrated again. We had a third birthday party on McKay's actual birthday in Kentucky (pics to follow).
Now, when we are in a store and McKay sees a toy he wants he says, "maybe I can get that for my next birthday party". I have yet to explain to him that birthdays only come once a year. :)

Nanna and Pappa were exceptional helpers this trip, getting up early with the kids every day and letting me sleep in!! That is by far the best present anyone could give me. I felt like a new woman by the time we left.

McKay would wake up at 6am every morning. Often during the night he would come into my bed. So, as I'd see him get up at 6am I'd try and talk him out of it. But, he would just shrug his shoulders in resignation and say, "But it's zight (light)", as if there were nothing in the world he could do about it. Then he would take his blanket and trundle down the hallway to Nanna and Pappa's room where he would flip on the light and say, "Time to zake up, Pappa".

Pappa would then get him dressed and take him on adventures. They walked to the sand pile down the street, to the park, on the bike trail, and to look at the ducks in the river. It's no wonder McKay couldn't wait to get up in the morning with adventures like that awaiting he and Pappa!
Me and Dave chillin' at the splash pad.

Birthday Presents!!!
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"What do you do in the Summertime"

Do you take a vacation to St. George and hang out with your family all month? If that's what you do, so do we!

Mckay, Benson, and I took a trip to St. George to visit our family. Grandma Cox picked us up and flew us back...Thanks SO MUCH! We had a wonderful time playing with Grandparents, Cousins, and Aunts and Uncles. As you can see, a favorite spot to visit was the downtown splash pad.

We visited our favorite spots, Cafe Rio, the park, the outlets, but most of all, we just had a great time being with family. I somehow didn't get any pics with the Cox cousins but the boys had such a good time playing with their cousins. we caught Rigdon's b-day party during which both my boys ended up in only their underpants (sorry Cherie) but they sure had fun!

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