Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, I've been sick. Again. I don't know why I seem to catch every bug within a 50 mile radius, but I do. Must be part of my horrible luck (for a documentation of said luck, check out Bonnie's blog www.overlys.blogspot.com, "And the winner is" entry).
I kept hoping the illness would work itself out but after 5 days of languishing in bed, I decided it was time for a trip to the doctor.
So, I had an appointment at the Student Clinic at UK hospital which, I might add, is a teaching hospital. The doctor I saw, a Dr. McLaughlin, was a jovial fellow, impressive considering the lot of infected, pajama-clad, co-eds waiting to be seen by him. Every one of his soon-to-be patients looked as bad a I felt. And that is saying something, considering I felt like I'd been run over by a truck or a train or possibly both.
Dr. McLaughlin did the usual exam, checking my throat, listening to my breathing, and then he got to my ears. "Oh My ...". He exclaimed with vigor, "that looks awful"! "You must be in terrible pain. I sure wish I had a group of med. students to show this ear to." What can I say, I aim to please.
I ended up with a prescription for an ear infection and a sinus infection. I happened to be looking over his shoulder as he typed up my report on which he described my ear as "bulging". While I am a fan of pictures attached to blog posts, this time, I'll refrain.

Friday, December 5, 2008


The world's best toy for babies. It is both a toy and a safe jumping mechanism. Spinning, rattling, colorful toys and as much jumping action as a little man can handle; it's a baby's best friend.

Though he's having a blast, you wouldn't always know it by looking at him. McKay takes his jumping very seriously. He grasps a toy in each hand, focuses, and begins jumping. He doesn't look right or left, just stares and jumps for all he's worth.

We do catch him laughing about it every now and then, but mostly his jumping is very serious business.

Monday, December 1, 2008


'Tis the season to be with family! We just had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Damon, Lety, Colton, and Camden in our home.

Thursday morning, Damon and BJ went to play football with the ward at the annual turkey bowl. After two games of being the designated "rusher," BJ decided to stop showing off his incredible football skills and join the ladies on the homefront to help with the kids and dinner. Damon, on the other hand, stayed for a total of about four hours and was subsequently sore for the remainder of his stay in the Bluegrass region.

One of the many highlights of this weekend was that the two closest cousins, McKay and Camden, born only two days apart, are now somewhat aware of what's going on around them and really met for the first time. We've posted a riveting video of their first interaction with each other.

Dinner was amazing! Lety and Rachel successfully cooked the turkey, BJ successfully mashed the potatoes and Damon successfully limped around the house with a swollen leg. Matt, Sarah, Max, and Sam Lassen joined us for what was a terrific Thanksgiving dinner, after which we watched Get Smart (very funny).

Katasha and Tim joined us on Friday night. Saturday morning, the men held down the fort on the homefront while the ladies went to see Twilight (Rachel's a big fan). When the women returned, we took a drive on some of the beautiful backroads around Lexington. Katasha and Tim were nice enough to take some amazing pictures of our family (sadly enough, our first nice family picture since McKay has been with us). All in all, we had a wonderful weekend filled with family, food, and fun.

The two cousins (and a great shot of BJ's double chin).

Yay for our new family photo! Isn't McKay such a cute little guy?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


One of the classic Kentucky experiences is, of course, visiting the famous horse races. For just a few dollars you can enter the races and stay as long as you like, watching the horses warm-up, race, and enter the winner's circle. Though the main event is of course viewing the stunning and pampered horses, it is nearly as entertaining to watch the people the races attract. There are lots of regular Joes, getting their kicks from nickel wagers. They generally fill the standing-room-only area and get drunk on cheap beer while cheering on their various cash-cows (or horses). Then there are the serious patrons. These folks are in a league of their own. Betting is both a business and an art for them. Some of them own the horses racing and others own different things, like small countries. They dress to the nines and mingle with each other, viewing the races over their expensive wine, in plastic cups.

At the finish line!

In front of the winner's circle

Off to the Races

Well, as my dad always says, "you can't keep a good man down". This little man is off and running. Look out world!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A little footage of McKay on his first Halloween.

More Tagging

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Family coming for Thanksgiving!
2. A voice lesson (it's been a while)
3. Singing in our ward with BJ this Sunday
4. McKay crawling
5. Going home for Christmas
6. Finishing the nursery decorations
7. BJ finishing dental school
8. Getting ALL the boxes cleared out of the garage

8 Things I love about this fall:

1. Being a mother
2. Not feeling sick everyday like I did last fall
3. Watching the beautiful Kentucky foliage
4. The weather still being in the high 60's
5. Being able to buy Macintosh apples at every grocery store
6. Taking McKay Trick-or-Treating
7. The election being over for another few years
8. Eating apple desserts!

8 things on my wishlist:

1. Visitors
2. An interior decorator
3. An upturn in the economy
4. Lots of healthy, happy children
5. The Great Wall of Chocolate
6. Cafe Rio in Kentucky
7. Clothes that fit (maybe someday I'll get my pre-mommy body back)
8. A nap

Alright! Done! Let's see, I think I'll tag the Sarah's. Sarah's Coiner and Lassen, you're up! And my dear Becca. Let's here your answers too!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

...You're It

Well, I guess I've been tagged (thanks, Sarah) so here it is:

8 T.V. Shows that I love to watch:

Umm...I'm going to have to go with 8 T.V. shows I have loved to watch throughout my life because I can't think of more than two that I watch regularly. So...

1. Oprah
2. Rachael Ray
3. Martha Stewart (I'm laughing as I type this list. They're all women!)
4. The Office (When it's clean it is so funny!)
5. Everybody Loves Rammond (Always makes me laugh out loud)
6. Full House (comfort T.V.)
7. The Today Show (Minus Cathy Lee and Hoda who are incredibly obnoxious)
8. What Not to Wear (Let's be honest, who isn't entertained by watching people spending $5000.00 in 2 days?)
*I also love The Cosby Show*

8 Favorite Restaurants (Yum!):

1. Macaroni Grill
2. Olive Garden
3. P.F. Chang's
4. Mimi's Cafe
5. Cafe Rio (which we are sorely missing here in Kentucky)
6. Simon Pierce
7. Outback Steak House
8. Red Lobster

8 Things Happening This Week:

1. Taking McKay Trick-or-Treating (I can't wait)
2. Throwing our annual Halloween party (or, as Becky suggested, our annual Halloween "extravaganza")
3. Having the Missionaries over for Chinese food
4. Rehearsing the Messiah
5. Visiting Teaching (The month isn't over yet!!!)
6. Conference group
7. Play date with Lindsay (not that our children are actually old enough to play together)
8. Dressing up as...you'll have to check our blog after Halloween to find out!

--more tag answers to come when McKay naps!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McKay had his first ever Halloween party with the ward.  He had a grand old time chilling out with brother Fayne... as you can see below.  A little guy can only take so much.

I must say, I think he made the best-looking tigger this ward (or any other ward for that matter) has ever seen.


And a few demonstrating his love for Rice Cereal... Yum!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Conference Study Group

In our ward here in Nicholasville, one of the Enrichment groups that the Relief Society sponsors is a Conference Study Group. It is wonderful and, in my opinion, such a good idea that it ought to be shared.
The basic premise is that every Thursday morning, all sisters are invited to the church to attend an hour discussion on a pre-selected conference talk. We usually have between 7 and 10 sisters who come. We open the nursery so the kids can play and park ourselves in a circle just inside the main doors (to make sure no children escape).
Since attending this lovely group I have gained an increased testimony of the fact that this is a living church, vibrant with revelation straight from living prophets. As I prepare for our discussion each week I find myself immersed in the pending talk and realize that each talk is directly applicable to my life. Because of this study group I have felt increased personal strength and commitment to the gospel as well as renewed determination to seek the Spirit daily.
If you are looking for a great Enrichment group, I would highly suggest this!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grandma's Coming!

I finally found our camera with video capacity so here's a little McKay in action. He isn't smiling nearly as much as he does normally. He's too distracted by the camera but at least you get a little taste of his personality. Enjoy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

To nap or not to nap...that is always the question

Trying to teach a baby to nap is no easy task, especially my baby. He is active and alert and LOVES to be awake. This poses a problem for his mother who is worried he might have sleep deprivation (and who would also like 20 minutes to herself now and then). So, McKay and I spend much of our day playing a rather mixed up game of Red Rover. McKay lays in his crib and cries until Mommy "comes over" and finds him. So far it's McKay 3 - Mommy zip!
Luckily he's a cutie though. Here are some of the latest pics of him.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

White Coats

Yesterday we attended BJ's White Coat Ceremony. This was a formal event in which each of the dental students received their professional white coat as a welcome to the profession.
I have to say, I was so proud. As I sat wrestling McKay, the diaper bag, the camera, and various blankets, burp cloths, and toys, I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed as BJ was welcomed into the profession he will have for the rest of his life. Here are some pictures from the ceremony.

After the Ceremony.

BJ receiving his white coat.

Welcome to Kentucky

BJ and I have what we fondly call "welcome to Kentucky" moments. These are moments that shout "we're not in Utah anymore". For example, Kentuckians love their dogs. I'm not talking about cute little cuddly dogs. These are short-haired, skinny, heeler, run-around-on-the-farm type dogs. Well, yesterday we were in the car and, while waiting at a stop light, we saw an old pick-up truck. Inside was a man in a t-shirt with his burly arm hanging out the window. What else was hanging out the window? His dog. Yep, his big ugly mixed breed dog, with his head AND front paws hanging out the front window, tongue lolling off to one side, alongside the driver. It was hard to tell who was driving in the car, the man or the dog.

Welcome to Kentucky.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Welcome to our family blog! Living so far from family and friends means we too have decided to get online and tell our story. We'll keep the pictures coming, especially of McKay--we know who's got the looks in this family.
So, come check us out when you have a few spare surfin' minutes. We'll try to keep it fun!