Thursday, September 29, 2011

Firetrucks and Funnies

So, we went out the other day and happened to see that there was an Emergency Vehicle fair at the Lowe's by our house. Naturally, McKay insisted that we had to stop and check it out.
See if you guess which emergency vehicle was the biggest hit with our boys...

Nope... I didn't forget about the "Funnies" portion of the post. Here goes!

At six o'clock this morning, McKay came trundling into our room, walked over to my (Rachel) side of the bed, and proceeded to reason with me...

McKay: Mom, (in a rather serious tone) Zisten to me. I have a great idea! How about we watch a movie!
Rachel: McKay... It's still dark... It's still resting time.

So, I gave him two choices, either he could go back to bed willingly or I would escort him back and lock his door. He volunteered to return to his bed with the promise of watching a movie after he'd had a little more rest.

Three minutes later he was back, claiming he'd taken another rest and was now not sleepy and ready to watch a movie.

"See Mom," he said, "I'm not yawning".

He was sent back to his room again and two minutes later was back again.

It was about this time that Thomas The Train turned up and those who were ready to wake up did so, and those who were still in a groggy stupor remained in bed for another 25 minutes or so.

One more story. So, tonight I (BJ) was giving the boys a bath. McKay looked down at his special parts and the conversation went something like this:

McKay: "That's my Shooter"
BJ: "Your shooter?"
McKay: "Yeah... It shoots out the Pee"
BJ: "I see...."
McKay: "And under here (pointing to his rear end) is my Sprayer"
BJ: ... Yeah right like I could actually compose myself to make a comment after that...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orchard with Dave and Vickie

What a great Saturday! We spent the afternoon with our good friends Dave and Vickie at Evan's Orchard. The boys had a wonderful time feeding the animals in the petting zoo, playing on the toys, and taking a hay ride.

We all really enjoyed the day and loved spending time with our friends. We have been so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors in Dave and Vickie.

Benson feeding the goat. He laughed every time the goat licked his hand.

Playing in the train
McKay giggling at the goat. :)

The orchard had a huge sandbox filled with dried corn. It was genius and McKay loved it! He played in there for a long time.

Benson on the big boy swing--happy as a clam.

Who's driving this crazy train?

Benson and Vickie both looking good.

Dave taking Benson for a ride. Wahoo!

After the orchard we sampled pizza at a new place in town, mmmm! Then we put the kids to bed and played RummiKube, our new favorite game. Well, BJ's new favorite at least. He won every round!

It was a great Saturday and we look forward to many more fun outings with Dave and Vickie. Thanks so much guys!

Friday, September 16, 2011

First Words

Benson is beginning to talk! He's not exactly articulate yet... At this point, he often sounds more like he's sneezing than speaking. He does some sort of a closed-mouth snort but his tongue is moving. It's difficult to explain. Perhaps he'll be a great vantrilaquist one day. In the meantime, it takes a practiced ear to realize he's "speaking" but he definitely is.

Occationally he does open his mouth to speak. He first word was, of course, "Daddy", which is always spoken with much enthusiam. He also LOVES trains and goes around all day saying "choo-choo" and giggling gleefully when he actually finds a train.

Yesterday he and I were reading a Thomas the Train book. We got to a picture of Percy. I pointed at the little green engine and said, "look Benson, it's Percy". He smiled and said, "Cercy!" over and over again.

Now I must point out a little irony here. The little tyke is naming the Sodor engines but every time I walk into the room he runs to me and says, "Daddy!". No attempt at Mommy at all. Just "Daddy!". But, he always says it so happily and it's usually followed by a big hug and kiss, so I don't really mind. :)

Other new words include "Kay" for McKay, "Doggie", "Please" (sounds like cheese), "Tank too" for Thank you, and "All Done".

He's really into animal sounds right now as well. The animals, according to Benson:
Sheep- "BAAAAAAH" (with extra emphasis on the AH)
Cow- bOOOO
Chicken- Bbbbbbb buh buh
Monkey- who who ah ah

Maybe tomorrow we'll spend a little more time on "Mommy".
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Benson's First Hair Cut


I was really nervous to cut Benson's hair but since I could almost braid it, something had to be done. Over the summer his hair has bleached to an almost white color and against his little tan it is just adorable. I didn't want to make a mistake and have to shave it all off.

His trim was really just that--a trim along the bottom and top. The style didn't really change but it's a little shorter now. He's my handsome little guy.
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