Sunday, March 3, 2013


McKay is really into "experiments" right now. These generally consist of his filling a cup or the bathroom sink with water then mixing in random ingredients to see what the results are.
 A few days ago I was feeding Lily (these things always seem to happen when I'm feeding Lily) and Benson and McKay were strangely quiet. I finished feeding her and went to check on them. I found them both in their bathroom. They were both standing on their bathroom stool and splashing in their latest experiment. I walked in and asked what they were up to.
 "We're doing an experiment, Mom." McKay excitedly reported. I looked at their experiment and a little alarm started sounding in my head. The water in the bathroom sink looked very suspiciously yellow.
With not a little trepidation in my voice I asked, "What's in your experiment?" To which McKay gleefully responded, "PEE!"
I visibly gagged and practically shouted, "GROSS!" which of course made them both start laughing hysterically and splashing even harder.
"Did you pee in the sink?" I asked.
"No, Mom, we peed in the toilet then got our cups and poured it from the toilet into the sink!"
More laughter ensued as I scolded them about the nastiness of pee. Somehow they didn't seem phased by my warnings at all.

*I'm gagging even now as I write this.* BOYS!