Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Benson Boy Preschool Graduation

Benson with his beloved "Miss Suzie"
Though he'll go to preschool again next year, Miss Suzie still let him "graduate" so he wouldn't feel left out. She has been the sweetest and most fun preschool teacher. Benson absolutely adores her and quotes her regularly around our house.
He was so proud of his graduation cap and his big moment. He kept waving to us and looking so proud. Benson just melts my heart all the time! He's just such a little sweetie! So gentle, so happy, and always trying so hard to please.
Nana brought him a big graduation balloon and a special package. He was so excited!

Benson and his buddy Sarah. They are such a cute little team! One day a few weeks ago Benson was over at Sarah's house playing. They were swinging next to each other and had the following conversation:
Benson: "Sarah, you kinda look like a lawnmower."
Sarah: "Oh..that's so sweet."
Benson: "I know."

Lily speaks!

For all of her personality, and she has loads, Little Lil' doesn't actually say too much. But we always know exactly what she wants and usually what she thinks too. She is an expert at the emphatic nod, the point, and the "eh, eh, eh" until you guess what she's after.

However, lately she's started to say a few cute little things like:
-"Day" for McKay (and she lights up any time she calls his name and he answers her)
-"Nanny" for Nana
-"Baba" for Papa
-"Moooooooo!!" anytime she sees a cow, horse, or other large animal
-"Mow" for Cat (trying to say "Meow")
-"Mom!" (She usually speaks with an exclamation point)
-"Duce" for Juice
-"My" for Mine
-"Ee" for Me
-"Mo" for More

Also, it should be noted that long before Lily began to talk she was singing. I've been doing a little music time with the kids in the mornings and teaching the kids solfeg. I taught them "do" first and ever since Lily has been doing the "do" hand sign while singing "do" in octaves. It's adorable and makes me so happy that I finally have a child who seems very interested in music!