Monday, May 9, 2011

Benson's First Birthday


Tonight BJ and McKay were on a walk. McKay turned to BJ and said, "Dad, I have more hair than you".

McKay loves Dr. Seuss books. We own several, thanks to Uncle Dan and Nana. He has them mostly memorized and tonight was reading "Oh the Thinks You Can Think" to BJ. However, McKay still struggles with the [th] sound, so tonight he actually read "Oh the Sinks You Can Sink".

Whenever Benson is feeling cheerful (and BJ is around) he follows BJ around the house giggling and saying, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy". Whenever he's hungry, tired, cranky, or needs something, he crawls after me crying, "Ma Ma Ma Ma". Oh the irony.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 Year Old

Posted by PicasaWe had a family party (along with our neighbors, Dave and Vickie) where we celebrated little Benson. We had pizza--his favorite food already. He ate a LOT; photo number one is Benson smeared in pizza. Then, for his first cake experience, I made cupcakes spelling Happy Birthday. He was not at all pleased about the frosting. He stuck his fingers in it and began to cry. However, once we got that off and broke open the cupcake, he was much happier. We sang and opened presents. He got this great helicopter (above) from our dear friends the Ashfords as well as a new dump truck, a construction duplos set (which McKay adores), and a water table. It was a great evening.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Sister-in-law, the Super-Scientist

When Daniel decided he wanted to marry Angie, the Duke and Harvard grad, the Biomechanics doctoral student, the professionally published bird-flight specialist, and current Post-doc fellow at University of Houston, we knew knew he was making a great choice. In a conversation I had once with Daniel, he told me Angie was one of the leading scientists in her field. He described her as having a brilliant scientific mind. Below you'll find evidence of her genius and also her faith.

Angela Berg Robertson: Scientifically seeking religious truth | Mormon Times

I'm delighted that Daniel and Angie are married. And, while I marvel at her knowledge and "science", it is Angie's goodness, her faithfulness, her kindness to me and everyone she interacts with, and her absolute love for my brother that make me thrilled to be her sister. She has a pure heart and an unwavering devotion to God. She is a sweetheart and the perfect companion for my valiant but sometimes scatter-brained brother.

Congrats, Angie! Sure love you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Favor

BJ was on bedtime duty tonight while I taught a voice lesson. Toward the end of the lesson, McKay came out and informed me that Benson had gotten a "boo-boo". So, post-lesson I went to investigate. When I asked BJ what had happened, he related the following:
BJ: McKay, can you do me a favor?
McKay: A fever?!
BJ: No, a favor.
B: A favor. A favor is when you do something nice for somebody else.
M: A favor?
B: Yeah, could you get me some socks for Benson?
M: Benson has a fever?!
B: No, he doesn't have a fever.
M: (Knowingly) Benson has the Fluke!