Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lily's Dance Class 2015

Little Miss Lily LOVES to dance! When she hears music, or even when she looks in the mirror, her first inclination is to dance, it's always been her first response. On the last day of Fall semester her class had a mini concert and some grown-up helper time. Daddy and Mommy were there to watch, but so were Nana and Papa. Lily chose Nana to do some dancing with her. It was precious!

This Fall she has been in Miss Susan's class at Southwest Dance. This is the dance studio that Mommy grew up dancing in, so it's a special place for our family!

On the wall behind Lily is a beautiful quote by Miss Candy, my original teacher. Of Southwest Dance she said, “Our dancers know … that they are loved … that they are important … that they have their own statement, their own music, their own dance waiting to be created. Southwest Dance Theatre is a lab for young, inventive minds. We are the keepers of innocence, the makers of dreams.”

Lily has loved dancing and couldn't be cuter! I can't wait to watch her in the final dance concert. I have a feeling it will be quite memorable!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Benson's Recent Quotes

This little guy has been keeping us laughing recently. He seems to learn new words by association which lends itself to some pretty funny vocabulary choices.

For example, Benson really likes quesadillas and recently BJ introduced him to the idea of an open-faced quesadilla. The cheese gets a little crispy and tasty. Benson really likes it. So, the other day for lunch he said to me,

 "Mom, can I have an open-head?"
"What?!?" I replied.
"You, know, like a quesadilla with crispy cheese." He said.

It took me until I'd made the whole quesadilla, puzzling the entire time about what he meant by "open-head" until I realized he was trying to say "open-face". We now refer to open-faced quesadillas by using Benson's term. Don't be alarmed if we ever offer you an open-head.... its not half bad!

Tonight at the end of dinner I said to BJ, "Oh no! I just ate that entire salad!" Since finishing your dinner is usually heralded as a major victory among the kids, they were confused by my distress. McKay said,
"Mom, why are you worried about finishing your dinner?"
"Because I'm trying to lose weight, honey."
McKay asked why but before I could explain Benson jumped right in and said,
"I know how you lose weight! Eat lots of burritos!"
"What? Why do you think that, Bens?" I asked.
"Because I saw it on grandma's TV! If you eat lots of burritos and other tacos and meals then you'll lose weight!"
Apparently he saw a commercial about weight loss meals. That's the kind of diet I'd like to be on!!

He is also the cheerful peace-maker in our home. More and more often I see him giving over to his siblings to help them be happy and keep the peace.
Last week Nana brought a little treat bag over for the kids to share. In it, among other things were 3 Gatorade drinks, each a different color. Apparently Benson wanted the yellow drink and McKay the blue. However, by morning McKay decided he wanted the yellow drink.
Throughout the morning I heard McKay trying to bargain and trade with Benson but Benson really wanted the yellow. Since I feel like Benson usually gets the shorter end of the stick in these types of situations I told McKay that after school we could go to the store and get another drink for each of them and McKay could get the yellow then.
McKay still wasn't satisfied but I told him he wasn't allowed to bother Benson about it anymore. Just then Benson said,
"Here McKay, you can have the yellow. I want you to feel happy."
I was so touched, I almost started to cry. It was such a sweet thing to do. Benson is like that. Always wanting those he loves to feel happy. He is like BJ in so many ways. So grateful for this sweet boy!