Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Morning

What do you mean it's almost February? How did that happen? Guess that's how we roll these days. So much for my New Year's resolution to be an "on-time person".

Anyway, back to Christmas morning. Yes, don't be deceived by the darkness outside, this is indeed very early Christmas morning. McKay is my early riser. In Utah he was often waking up at 4:30 am ! On Christmas Eve he went to bed late but so did all the adults! At around 2:30 am I passed out on the couch and after what seemed like only a minute, I awoke to sounds of the Marble Works set Santa had brought McKay for Christmas!

Our tradition has always been to wake everyone up and all go into the Living room together. Apparently McKay didn't get that memo because when he woke up he just took himself right into the Living room and started exploring.

When I walked into the Living room he was playing with his new toys and he announced to me, "Mom! Santa came and he drank the milk we left and he ate a cookie!" So, he'd also single-handedly checked on Santa's comings and goings. It was so funny!

Once I knew he was awake I got everyone else up, which explains the bleary-eyed pictures that follow. After all it was 6 am.

McKay hosing off Papa with his new firetruck

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Two out of three sets of eyes closed! Hahaha!

Yes, Santa knows how important oral hygiene is!

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like Cars underwear.


Well, at least McKay is having fun!

P.S. Benson, bless his heart, didn't wake up for another 2 hours. After McKay was finished opening his Santa gifts, Papa took one for the team and stayed up with McKay. The rest of us went back to bed for a short winter's nap.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Dailies

This morning McKay woke up and see seemed a little warm to the touch. I asked him if he felt sick and he said no. I said, well come here so I can feel to see if you have a fever. I felt his forehead and as I did he said, "I'm ok Mom. I'm not sick. My eyebrows don't need bandaids."

McKay has a little trouble with constipation. He holds it all in for days until he gets sick and really constipated. Eventually he will have a BM but it will often be hard and painful. We often have to sit next to him in the bathroom, help hold his legs and coach him through it. Yesterday I was in the bathroom and he came in. He sat on his little step stool and said, "Mom, I'll hold your legs for you so you don't fall in. You're doing great Mom. Just a few more pushes Mom." What a helper.

Speaking of BMs, last time he was having one he looked at me and said, "Maybe my next poop will be as big as America." Sure hope not.

Last night we had a friend over for dinner. While we were eating McKay piped up and said, "Dad, could we take a bath this year?" It was a little embarrassing. I promise, we bath him much more regularly than that!

Benson is still pretty quiet but he has taken to leading us around. He regularly comes to find me, grabs my fingers and pulls me through the house until we get to his toys. He then points vigorously toward the ground until I sit. He won't let me touch any of his toys. He just wants an observer. It's pretty cute.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Smarties

My kids surprise me all the time. I get so used to the things they can do that I often forget they are capable of new things all the time.

Benson, though he still speaks mostly in grunts, understands everything I say to him. And, he always obeys...except when he is instructed to eat. He never does that. But, when asked to put his shoes and coat away, or share with his brother, or park his cars for the night, he happily obeys.

Today was McKay's first day in Primary. Since I am the Primary President, I've been talking up how much fun he'd have in Primary and how excited I am to finally have him there with me.

He did really well. He sat nicely in his chair (though he insisted I sit next to him). He tried hard to sing the new song we learned, though he had absolutely no idea how it went. He also helped with the Sharing Time lesson. However, when it came time to go to class with his teacher, he was not excited. He screamed, in fact. So, he and I sat outside his classroom for a while, discussing the importance of attending class, how much fun it would be, that his friends missed him, etc. Finally I said, "Well, I'm going into your class, so you can come too or you can sit in the hall by yourself." He chose to come.

Once inside class, I sat down next to him for about a minute after which he looked at me, waved, and said, "See you later, Mom". That was my cue.

In Primary this year, we are encouraging all the children to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith. Whenever they memorize one and pass it off to their teacher, they get a treat.
McKay has been working on the 1st Article of Faith all week. When class ended today he repeated the whole thing to his teacher! We got him started with "We" and he finished the whole thing by himself. I was so proud, and amazed.

When we were first working on our plan to encourage memorizing the Articles of Faith, we were only going to do it with the Sr. Primary, assuming the Jr. wouldn't really be able to do it. Wow, McKay sure proved me wrong.

We have all had stuffy noses around our house lately. Everyone is pretty much over it but mine is really hanging on. So, the past few days I've had a humidifier going in my room. After naptime today I noticed that McKay had a humidifier in his room too. I assumed BJ had set it up for him, since it was plugged in and sitting next to his bed.

Tonight as we were putting the kids to bed, BJ asked if I still wanted McKay's humidifier on. I said, "I thought you got it out for him" to which he replied he had thought I had gotten it out. We both looked at McKay and I asked if McKay had gotten it out. He said, "Yes, I got it out of my closet. My nose was stuffy so I needed a re-midifier."

Little smartie-pants.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Pageant

This year's version of the annual Robertson Nativity reenactment was quite interesting. We began the production by having the Roman Soldier (shown below) narrate. Scene one featured Mary and Joseph and McKay, riding the donkey. Benson kept removing the Baby Jesus from the manger and McKay broke the frankincense. A good time was had by all. :)

The fearsome Roman Soldier-Narrator

McKay sampling the frankincense and Myrrh.

The lovely, and very convincing, Mary and Joseph.

Benson in the manger. As soon as he spotted it, removed the Baby Jesus and climbed right in.

Then, of course, McKay needed to try it out too.

And, I'm not really sure what was going on here... Nice dress, Dave!

This year, though the pageant had plenty of funny moments, was special because we were wearing costumes that my Grandma Brady made. She spent a lot of time before she passed away making a set of Nativity costumes. My Mom helped her with the project, so when she passed away, we inherited the costumes.

It was neat to know that she worked on them and that this Christmas story was important enough to her that she would spend time creating costumes for its reenactment once a year. She was a very special lady with a firm believe in her Savior and Heavenly Father. She lived a selfless life. We miss her.
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Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy Birthday, BJ! In honor of your 31st birthday, I wanted to share with you 31 of the MANY reasons you are loved, admired, and appreciated. You are so special to me, to our boys, and to all of your family and friends. Here's why:

1. Your favorite place to be is home.

2. You teach our boys to pray and to read the scriptures.

3. You never speak ill of anyone, or even think ill of anyone...except bad drivers :).

4. You always wake up in a cheerful mood.

5. You change dirty diapers without a single complaint.

6. You have never criticized me about anything, ever.

7. You love to serve in Nursery.

8. You sing beautifully.

9. Angie: "I love how positive BJ always is and that he clearly loves Rachel and the boys."

10. You wrestle with our boys every day, play Legos, and trains, and cars, and anything else they want to play.

11. You love to snuggle.

12. You love to stay up late just as much as I do.

13. Little children love and trust you immediately.

14. You love being a dentist because you get to help people and make them feel at ease.

15. Daniel: "He appreciates good humor".

16. Lety: "I love BJ because of his positive attitude and his constant smile, his willingness to help anybody, especially when a computer breaks down, because he is medio-Uruguayo, and because he accepted me immediately as a part of the family when I moved to the United States."

17. Damon: "What I love about BJ is that his is...well BJ. He hasn't changed over the years, he is still the same happy personality. He is authentic, sincere, and irreplaceable. Who'd a thunk the little blonde kid switched shortly after birth would turn out to be such a good brother. I love his slippery head...just look at all those poor little hair follicles that slipped off the top of his head and slid down to his chin where they are hanging on for dear life. Seriously, I couldn't be any prouder of my little you."

18. Josh: "B.J. has been a mentor, guardian, and close friend. In other words, he's my older brother. He used to drive me to and from school when he was in high school. Sometimes I was slow, and he would still drop me off at the middle school for my Jazz band even though it would make him late. Then, after school while he finished his musical rehearsals, he let me use the spare change in his car to buy Reese's Pieces and Nibs from the vending machine while I waited. On some lucky days he would come to pick me up from the middle school and I knew the moment he entered the building because he would be singing some cheery tune. I was proud to have him as my brother. Still am!
He really cares about people. He has periodically checked up on me and will just call to say , "hello", and tell me about the latest electronics gadgets. I have always admired BJ. I admire his fun personality, his glowing confidence, and his humility. He really loves the church and is not just active but proactive. I love to see how he treats his little boys. I have full confidence that their futures are bright because of how good a father they have to raise them.
I don't know exactly how families were organized in premortality, but I'm grateful I got signed up to be in his!"

19. Tasha: "I love that BJ is so selfless. He is always so willing to help however he can. He's so pleasant to be around. He has a cheerful countenance that is contagious. And he has great hair."

20. Trina: "I appreciate and love BJ for his readiness to laugh and to make others laugh and for his acceptance and love for everyone. I love to listen to him sing. It is a beautiful sound and always sincere, genuine, and gentle. He is happy and always ready to help those of us who are technologically challenged. He never laughs at stupid questions. I love Beej!"

21. Mom Robertson: "There are so many reasons why I love BJ! he is kind to everyone, he loves my daughter and my grandsons, he is fun-loving, he is great with computers and is always willing to help anyone in need (this is something I noticed about him way back in high school). He loves us as a Family and is willing to spend time with us even when he would rather be with his own family. We truly love you and are so glad you are a part of our family."

22. Becky: "BJ is special to me because he wasn't born into my family but he is my brother just the same."

23. Kiarah: "Beej is the best big brother. We share tons of fun the time he spit on my face, or when he introduced me to Mr. Ghosty Ghost:). But seriously, I am so grateful for BJ. I always feel very safe confiding in him. He cares so much and has such a huge heart. He was my number one supporter and had the best advice when I was adjusting from the mission. In his letters home when he was on his mission, he would always write "it's all good" that sums up BJs attitude and it has always had such a positive effect on those around him. He never fails to make me feel so good. I love joking around with Beej and love his sense of humor. Mom always comments gratefully on how Beej will drop anything he's doing to help you. It's so true, he's so willing to help, always. I could not ask for a better big brother."

24. David: "Something I am always impressed with is the way BJ treats others. Especially those he doesn't know very well. They may ask time consuming favors of him yet he doesn't find a way out, but does the favor with a smile on his face. I don't get to talk to him much about serious things, but I got to ask him what his favorite Christmas tradition is this past trip. He said it was providing Christmas to needy families. That just solidifies the evidence that Beej is a one of a kind guy, and I'm very happy to be his brother. :)"

25. Benson: "I love Daddy because he is just like me. We are two peas in a pod. We have the same cheerful disposition, the same sense of humor, and the same loving ways. Daddy is so much fun to play choo choos with. I love my Daddy best of all!"

26. McKay: "Daddy is so special to me. He gives me baths and takes me on walks and makes me waffles. I love to play cars and trains with Dad. Daddy, I love you!"

27. You always look on the bright side.

28. You come home singing.

29. You are always up for a good time.

30. You have always given me wings.

31. I knew I wanted to marry you because I always felt happy in your presence. It was the best decision of my life. You have made every day joyful.

Cox Christmas Eve

Hooray for Christmas in St. George. This year we were extra lucky because we had two Christmas Eves, one on the 23rd with the Cox family and the other on the 24th with the Robertsons. It was wonderful! Here are some pics of our Christmas Eve at the Coxes. All the little boys got Thomas the Train pajamas, to their great delight. Here are McKay with his cousins Colten and Camden. They had a wonderful time playing together. Here they are playing with Grandma's decorative boxes.

Mel and Trina in Christmas PJs.

Samuel and James

Benson and Mommy. This was Benson's favorite place in Grandma's house--the train table. Every morning we stayed at the Coxes the first thing he would say (and still one of his only words) was "Choo choo".

Daddy and Benson. Here Benson was saying "cheese". This is one of about 5 words he says, and Mommy still isn't one of them (he still calls me "Daddy"). Although, while we were in Utah he learned a new word, "Costco". He says it clear as a bell. Haha!

Isi-bell :)

McKay and Boots

Looks like he's a natural! I guess all he needed was a mic. Maybe now he'll sing instead of just shout, "Stop Practicing"! whenever anyone in our house utters a note.

McKay watching the program. After a delicious dinner of ham and turkey, potatos, green bean casserole and other wonderful food, we made our way up to the theater room for the Christmas Eve program. It was really great this year! Performances included all the little girls dancing and singing to "Santa Baby", BJ and I singing "The Prayer", Dallin and Kiarah doing, "The Christmas Song", Aubrey playing piano, all the teenagers singing, "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and other great stuff.

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