Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby #3

We are delighted to officially announce that baby number three is on its way, due August 23rd. Here is it's first little photoshoot. This was the first image we saw of the baby during the ultasound. What a sweet little profile.
Third time's a charm, right?

So far everything looks great. The first three months were pretty rough. I would start to get sick around noon and would feel worse and worse until I went to bed at night. However, thankfully we muscled through that phase and now things are much better.

We are excited to welcome this new little one into our home and family!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


A couple days ago, someone smuggled a blue marker into the van. We were out doing deliveries and when I hopped back in the car after a quick drop-off, this is what I saw. We called him "Blue Beard" for the rest of the day.

At church in Primary we spotlight one child each week. At the beginning of the year we asked each child some basic questions about themselves and then each week we read that child's answers and let the Primary guess which child it is. That child then receives a treat. Since McKay's entrance into Primary, he has been dying to have his turn to be the spotlight. Well, today it was McKay's turn.

My counselor stood up and began reading McKay's answers which were as follows:
Guess who wants to be a ghost when they grow up?
Guess whose favorite food is macaroni and cheese?
Guess whose favorite subject is reading stories?
Guess whose favorite thing to do with their family is play Duplos.
Guess who has blond hair and hazel eyes?
At that point my counselor starting letting the children guess. McKay's hand was, of course, up in the air. Several kids guessed incorrectly. Finally Sister Hamilton looked at McKay and asked,
"McKay, who do you think it is?" He took his hand that had been raised, pointed down at his head and shouted, "ME!"
He was thrilled for the rest of the day!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snow Day

We've had a very mild winter this year in Kentucky but, after a few days of 60 degree weather, we got a solid blanketing of snow. Of course we had to go play in it!

The boys in all their gear. McKay chose the hat himself and wears it proudly. Benson's snow pants looked adorable but made him so stiff he kept falling face-first into the snow and couldn't get up.

Benson had never experienced snow before. He couldn't seem to figure out why the snow kept sticking to his gloves. Finally, in frustration, he took the gloves off and wouldn't put them on again.

I took this just before he threw that great big snow ball at me!

Snow Angel

McKay's first snowman.

Sorry Frosty. Better luck next year.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012


McKay enjoys praying and generally offers the prayer over our meals. He used to begin each prayer by saying, "Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless us that we can have a new adventure..." and would proceed to describe the kind of adventure he'd like to have that day.

Now we seem to have dropped the adventure clause. However, McKay has now begun praying that "the Spirits will be blessed and helped and be happy and make good choices". We have no idea what Spirits he's talking about or even where he got the idea but is sure is interesting to hear what "the Spirits" ought to be doing. I'm sure they feel very blessed, whoever they are. And they are probably making better choices too. :)

McKay also frequently prays for Benson. He prays that Benson will be good and obedient. And, today during our evening meal prayer, and in the presence of our neighbors, he prayed that Benson would learn how to poop on the potty.

Benson is still our silent little guy. However, he always reminds us to pray. When he comes to the table for a meal he folds his little arms and looks at us expectantly until we pray. He loves to say "Amen" and often shouts it emphatically.

Sometimes Benson will sign "more" after we're done praying. When this happens we say an extra "Benson prayer" where we pray thanking Heavenly Father for Benson's good example and the good and sweet boy he is. He really seems to like this a lot.