Sunday, February 28, 2010

Animal Sounds!

Here's a little clip that we (finally) got of McKay saying animal names and making some sounds. Enjoy!


Our little man loves to read and nothing helps the reading better than Nanna's glasses.
He alsos has a strange pot fetish. He sits in them, puts them over his head, and pushes them around the house. Nothing like cheap entertainment during the winter!

Oh, and these are his two favorite pairs of PJ's. The top pair he calls his "Bot" pajamas because they have robots all over them. The bottom pair he calls his "Peace Car" jammies because of the firetrucks. He'll often make a nice siren sound as we put them on.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Thanks to everyone today who made my twenty-something (yes, still in the twenties) birthday a special day. These pics represent a few of the many nice gifts people gave. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the beautiful flowers, gift package, and quilt, to Sarah for more flowers and a darling pic of McKay, to Trish for the gift card, and to JoAnna for the awesome diaper bag I've secretly been coveting for about a year!! Early bird award goes to Lety, whose package arrived a full 3 weeks before my birthday. Somehow I managed to look at it every day and not peek inside. Thanks for the great sweater and darling baby clothes, Lety! On top of this great stuff, I also received many phone calls and loved hearing from so many dear ones. You've each made my life richer and better and I feel grateful for each one of you. :)

Also, a big thank you to JoAnna and Saylor who treated me to lunch and dinner!'s been a great day, inspite of an absentee husband (thank you, UK Dental School). Even though BJ was gone all day and night, it was a wonderful day. McKay did me the great favor of sleeping in, allowing me to wake-up on my own, shower, AND blowdry my hair before hearing from him--can't remember the last time that happened. He was also remarkable good-natured all day and even learned the "Happy Birthday" song. I spent some time teaching it to him today. This basically consisted of me singing the entire song while he did the actions to "Once There Was a Snowman", then, at "Happy birthday, dear ____" he would fill in with, "Mamma". Ha ha, it was great! And, BJ taught him to say "Happy Birthday, Mamma" which sounded like, "Happy" (pause) "Diaper"...well-meant at least. :)

Thanks again, everyone! It has been a great day. And, as luck would have it, BJ informed me that this year my birthday is on both the 22nd and the 25th, (because he was gone all day today). Bring on the double parties! Yeah!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes, that's where I should be, actually that's where I am yet, I just have to say a couple of things before I drift off into blissful unconsciousness:

1. American Idol Hollywood week...LAME! Tonight's episode was particularly boring! Ryan just kept rattling on and on about the nerves in each of the rooms. No clips of actual singing (What, this is a singing show?) just the "drama" of 70+ people sitting in 3 rooms looking frightened. BJ and i finally found the the show on high speed. Works great and it turns out half the singers actually sound better as chipmunks than Idol finalists.

2. Yeah for China! I was so happy for Shang and Zao and Ping and Pong (or whoever they are). After 18 years, what a success. But wait, mixed with my joy for them is this nagging bitterness toward the Chinese. Does anyone else remember, oh two years ago in gymnastics competition in Beijing? Remember the 8-year-olds the Chinese were trying to pass off as 16 year olds? Yeah, well I do and it still makes me mad. I feel like with the Chinese it's glory at all costs. Forget honor or honesty. At least in the Olympics. Still, I'm happy for the couple whose life has been dedicated to the sport and whose work finally paid off big time!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is just a little clip we took today for Grandma. He usually isn't as distracted as he is in this clip, but that's how it always goes when you have the camera :) Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day.