Friday, October 28, 2011

At the orchard

Last Saturday we soaked up some of the last of the beautiful Fall weather at Boyd's orchard with our friends, the Hamiltons. Axl and McKay loved the Hay Ride (above), the Inflatable Train, and the Petting Zoo.

Benson Loved feeding the goats!

There is nothing like Kentucky in the Fall. It is so beautiful here. Thanks Tyler and JoAnna for a great day (and for taking some photos of all four of us).Posted by Picasa

Boyd's Orchard


Ahoy there!

Daddy and Boo

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outtakes at the Orchard

Here are a few pics that didn't quite make the family album :)
I guess we're done with this attempt to get a decent family photo... ha!...

It's just annoying when adults blink during photos, but it's sure cute when babies do it...

McKay sat like this for about two full minutes until we finally convinced him that the ground was only three inches from his feet.

McKay's Masterpiece... He insisted on holding the camera through the corn maze :)

Yet another...

Let's give this family photo thingy one more shot... or not... Well, at least we tried, right?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funnies: Chapter 2

A few weeks ago we took McKay and Benson to Golden Corral for dinner (this was BJ's idea). We let the boys choose their food, and before long our table was littered with dirty plates. BJ and I had helped the boys eat and were busily trying to eat a few bites ourselves. Bottom line, we weren't paying that much attention to McKay.
All of a sudden we realized that McKay was flagging down our waitress, saying,
"Excuse me lady. Lady? Excuse me. We have a problem here. Excuse me, we have a problem lady."
Before we could stop him, the waitress had come over to our table. He continued,
"This is a mess. We're done with this plate, and this plate, and this plate."
We apologized profusely but probably didn't seem too sincere since we were laughing so hard. Fortunately our server had a good sense of humor and played right along with him. I just couldn't believe that our three-year-old would be able to recognize our waitress in a busy restaurant, get her attention, and then clear the table for us. Where did he come from?
Story #2
Our neighbors Dave and Vickie were over two nights ago for dessert and Rummikub. The kids were in bed and we were having a great time laughing and talking. About an hour into the game, McKay came wandering out in a daze and said,
"You have to put that game away. I'm trying to sleep really hard but I can't when you're playing zat game. So you can't play zat game."
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We spent a wonderful vacation in Houston, TX with Daniel and Angie. While we were there, we also took a road trip and visited our friends the Lassen's and Romney's to check out their new homes and dental practice! It was great!

While in Houston we played and played. We went to the beach, to the movies, out to dinner at The Hobbit and the Chocolate Bar, played games, and toured NASA. All of the Robertson siblings were there and the Robertson Grandparents spent the time in Kentucky watching our kids! It was great (at least for the Houston crowd). :) Thanks Mom and Dad for taking one for the team.

Rocket Park

In front of the training Space Shuttle

Mission Control

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NASA...In Line

Here are a few shots of our trip to NASA. Below is a sequence from the line we stood in while waiting to tour mission control and the rocket park.

At least Angie was enjoying herself! I wish we could say the same for the rest of us...

The wait in line really wasn't too bad and was well-worth it! The tour was incredible. We saw mission control, moon rovers, and a life-sized version of the space shuttle that the astronauts use for training.
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