Monday, September 14, 2009

Mommy Quotes

There are certain things you never anticipate saying--in your whole life. Things that seem so obvious or so ridiculous that you would never need to say them.

Enter children. All of a sudden you find yourself saying all of those things...and more.

These "Mommy Quotes" seem to be finding their way into my daily vocabulary more and more. Today was a banner Mommy Quote day. Check out today's quotable quotes:

"Sippies don't belong in the dryer."

"You may lay on the floor and scream all you want but please don't hit yourself in the head with measuring cups."

"We don't bite the couch."

"We don't play splish-splash in the toilet."

"We don't bite our friends."

"Tampons are not toys."

I'd love to hear your best Mommy Quotes (especially you, Sam). :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,

It's off to work I go! In what can only be described as a providential turn of events, I am now an Assistant Professor of Voice at Transylvania University, a liberal arts university in Lexington.

It really has been an interesting process in all regards. Interesting (and rather amazing) in the way the job literally fell in my lap; interesting (and inspiring) the way the Lord's hand has been in the many details of the process, particularly in finding great childcare for McKay; and interesting (and very exciting) the opportunities this provides me professionally. I had always hoped to one day teach at the university level, but I never anticipated the opportunity would come so soon. I will be directing the university's Women's Choir and teaching voice majors and minors, all of which constitute my "dream job".

Deciding to take the position was not easy. Though it is something I'd always wanted to do, I never anticipated working while my children were little. However, it has worked out about as perfectly as possible. I am able to teach choir and lessons back-to-back, so I am only gone 2 mornings a week. As to childcare, due to a huge change in BJ's class schedule, he gets to stay home with McKay about 3/4 of the time I'm gone! The remainder of the time McKay will be staying with friends in the neighborhood and ward.

Thank you so much to all of my dear friends who are helping care for him in my absence. We have been truly blessed to find many wonderful friends here that, in the absence of family, support and help us like family. I love you and I'm grateful each day for you .

Without sharing all the details, I'll just say that I feel very strongly that I am supposed to be at the university this year. I don't fully understand why but I do know that it is right and that McKay will be alright too. I'm excited for the year ahead and hope you'll all be able to come and hear a concert!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

King of the Crib

McKay is quite attached to his blanky. He sleeps with it and wants it when he is sad or hurt and lately has taken to dragging it behind him, like Linus. This is very cute but poses a real health hazard. While it is dragging behind him, he somehow always manages to walk on top of it and then trip over it. He's hit not a few pieces of furniture doing this. So, to avoid more bruises and the potential for his first trip to the ER, we are teaching him to wear it across his shoulder, like a king. Just call him "King of the Crib".

This picture is the result of mommy leaving Mr. McKay unattended at breakfast for a few short minutes. Our "rule" is that he isn't allowed to put his hands in bowls or yogurt cups. He is very good about this when we're around, however, when left to his own devices, you see the mess that ensues. He was basically covered in yogurt from head to toe but boy did he have a good time!