Sunday, January 19, 2014

"I Need You"

I spend a lot of time with these two funny guys and their little sister. They make me laugh, they keep me busy, they run my life, and sometimes they drive me a little nuts. But they also teach me every day.

A couple of months ago it was past their bedtime and they kept coming out of their room. Eventually Benson fell asleep but McKay just kept wandering out. I was not a little exasperated to walk him into his room for the 6th time that evening. As I laid the covers over him he said to me, "Oh mom, I just need you." 

His comment stopped me in my tracks. I sat next to his bed. This very independent little boy took my hand in his small one and fell asleep, holding my hand.

As I held his little hand and watched him drift so peacefully to sleep, I felt the Spirit whisper this profound lesson to me. So often I think of these children from my perspective. I love them. I need them. They make MY life. But as I listened, the Spirit reminded me, "These little ones need you too. They need the best you have to give in every respect. Their world is very small and their mom is at the center of it." 

It was an important reminder that McKay, Benson, and Lily need me. They need the very best I have to give. They need someone who will teach them about a loving Heavenly Father. They need someone who will be patient with them. They need someone whose love will teach them how to love and whose example will teach them how to live. 

Motherhood is a tall order but because the Lord loves us and trusts us, he sends us his spirit children to be nurtured, taught, and loved by us. Even in the stress and fatigue of it all, I'm so grateful that my children need me. It's good to be needed.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Today as I picked up Benson Boy from Coop, my friend Allison who was hosting coop said, "Oh Benson said the cutest thing today during lunch. When I gave him his macaroni and cheese he said, "My Mommy and Daddy sing to me when I eat."
Allison then asked if we sing around the dinner table. I think she was picturing some version of the Von Trapps but I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

We do sing to our kids while they eat, but it's not actually for their's a punishment. 

Our kids hate it when we sing. In fact, they basically won't allow it. We are allowed a few quiet songs at bedtime but if I even begin to hum a few bars, everyone starts shouting and crying. 

Well, recently I've decided we need to foster a little more independence in Benson. He is such a sweetheart but really wants me to do almost everything for him still. He makes me dress him, likes me to be feed him, and someone always has to accompany him to the bathroom. With his 4th birthday around the corner it's getting a bit old. 

So, the other morning when Benson said, "Mom I need you to feeeeeeed me", as he always does I had a stroke of genius.
"I'll feed you," I said, "But if Mommy feeds you then Mommy gets to sing."
I broke out into a ridiculous version of "The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music". After two spoonfuls of cereal he couldn't stand it anymore and shooed me away. He finished feeding himself the rest of the cereal and a new standard was set. 
Now when he asks to be fed he immediately says, "But are you going to sing?!?" 
The answer is yes and that usually convinces him to feed himself. 
I had always hoped my music would have persuasive, compelling power. However, I can honestly say I never anticipated it affecting my children in quite this way. :) Here's to the power of music!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Doctrine from a 5 year old

This morning McKay, Benson and I were reading the Old Testament scripture reader for scripture study. At the beginning of the reader before we begin Genesis there is a short section that talks about what happened in the premortal life. In simple terms it explains that 2 plans were presented to the hosts of Spirits who lived there with Heavenly Father before we came to earth.
Jesus presented a plan that would allow everyone to make choices and have agency. He offered himself as a sacrifce to atone for the sins of mankind and provide a way for them to return to Heavenly Father's presence. Then it described Satan's plan: that Satan would force all men to choose the right and there would be no agency, All men would be forced to return back to live with Heavenly Father.

I asked the boys, "So which plan was better?"

They replied, "Jesus' plan".

"Why was Satan's plan bad?" I asked.

McKay thought for a minute and said, "Because we would all be slaves."

Then I thought about it for a minute. I had never thought of it in those terms before.

"Wow, McKay, you are exactly right." And he was!