Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wild Child

Someone said to me when Lily was an infant, "Oh, you named her Lily?! Every Lily I've ever known has been a Spitfire!"

Yep! Seriously. She is cute as a button and crazier than my two boys combined. Mostly McKay and Benson just end up standing on the sidelines with their mouths hanging open as they watch her in action. Or they start screaming, "Mom, mom look at what Lily's doing now!!"

She had a particularly impressive two weeks prior to her 2nd birthday. It all began with the stunt pictured below. I had unbuckled her and brought her into the house while I carried in loads of groceries. About two trips into the unloading I entered the house and let out a scream! There was Lily, literally SWINGING from the CHANDELIER and laughing in delight! Her tiny hands were clinging to it and she was swinging like a little monkey above the kitchen table. Apparently she'd climbed onto the table in order to reach the light. By the time I grabbed my camera she'd partially let go but you can still get the idea!

A few days later I was cleaning the kitchen and turned around just in time to see her finish unscrewing the lid to the white-out. As I went running toward her saying, "No Lily, Stop!", she stabbed the tip of it right into the middle of her forehead and rubbed it all over her forehead and eyes. 

In case you are wondering, NOTHING gets white-out off of skin, except peeling it off. Lily's first eyebrow wax ensued. 

About the time we got the last of the White-Out off, Lily and I were in the bathroom while I was getting ready for the day. As usual she was going through the bathroom drawers and came upon an old container of nail polish. Once again, I looked over just in time to see her open the lid and poke it straight between her eyes and then rub it into her eyes. 

Did we learn nothing from the White-Out?

Luckily we think Lily still has her eyesight. I consider this no small miracle.

During the same week she also found, opened, and ate Rolaids, Advil, and NyQuil. Scared me to death. And really, I'm not as inattentive as I sound. She's just that mischievous and that good at opening child-proof containers.

A few days after all of this we were driving along when McKay started shouting from the back seat, "Mom, mom, look at Lily!!" 

I looked in the rear-view mirror just in time to see her rear end disappearing over the back of her carseat as she dove head first into the back seat. She had somehow wiggled her way out of her toddler carseat, with all it's buckles and harnesses! I still don't know exactly how she does it but she can escape and does so whenever she feels she's had enough!

The other day she dressed herself in McKay's clothes, as seen below. She was so proud of herself but I laughed and laughed because of the inscription on the shirt. "I call the shots." That's Lily! Youngest in the family but this little cutie gets an idea in her head and goes for it! She keeps me on my toes!  

Happy birthday Lily!

Happy Birthday to our darling girl! Lily had a fun birthday, surrounded by people she loves. We had Lily's favorite breakfast, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, followed by a little party at the swimming pool. Lily LOVES to go swimming! She calls it "sim". 

The Swift and Lawrence cousins met us for a fun swimming party and lunch at the pool. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she looked both happy and a little embarrassed. It was so cute. :)

For dinner we went to Pizza Factory where Lily had a special cheese pizza shaped like a 2. Nana also made these amazing Elmo cupcakes! She's incredible!

Elmo (Lily's favorite character) cupcakes made by Nana

Here they are outside the restaurant. Lily and McKay have a really special relationship. She adores him and he adores her right back. We're still working on the Lily-Benson situation :)

The Boys loved those cupcakes too!

Here's our birthday girl on Nana's lap. I think it's her favorite place to be.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is a picture from yesterday (Saturday) but the looks on their faces match the stories below.

This morning BJ and I were getting ready for church. McKay woke up and came downstairs. He said groggily, "Is today Sunday?" 
"Yes", I replied.
"Is it a church day or a General Conference day?" He asked.
"It's a church day!" I said enthusiastically.
McKay looked at me for a moment then said, "Nope, not goin'!", turned on is heal and left the bathroom.
A minute later he reentered and whined, "Mom, I don't want to go to church!" 
I began yet another speech on why we go to church and how important it is to Heavenly Father. After a few sentences he looked as me and said in exasperation, "But Mom, I've been going to church for YEARS!"

We went anyway.

After church my sister-in-law, Kyla, asked Benson during family dinner, "So Benson, what's your favorite part of church?"
He immediately shouted out, "LEAVING!...And the treats they give you for after church."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

McKay's First Day of First Grade

Well, I guess it's true. People always said when McKay was 3 months old and 2 years old and 4 years old, "Enjoy this time because it will be gone before you know it". I used to roll my eyes (to myself of course) but it's true! My baby is 6 whole years old and he's gone to school all day!

Luckily, McKay absolutely LOVES First Grade. He loves his teacher, his new friends, recess, the pirate activities they do every day (apparently his teacher loves cute!), and eating lunch at school. 

Seeing him skip out the door every day and coming home tired but happy every day this week has made it a fun week!

McKay at his First Grade desk

Posing with Wi-Fi his school's mascot

Sweet Benson and McKay

Benson really misses his brother. They are best buddies and playmates so McKay's absence leaves a big hole in Benson's day. However, this week he's had more attention from Mom and has had playdates with friends, so I think he'll be okay too.

As for me, I just miss my boy. It sounds silly, but I feel like he's gone all the time and I miss him. I miss his interesting comments and hearing the way he thinks. I miss his creative play. I miss his sense of humor and his companionship. It's really a tough thing to let go as a parent. Tough...

But, I'm so happy to see that he is thriving in his new environment and happy for the joy it brings him. Way to go, my Big Mckay!