Saturday, August 22, 2009

Splish Splash

Here's a little video of McKay and Caylor playing in the water at the Explorium Children's Museum. Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keys and Pleas

On the top ten list of parental "don'ts":
Don't Give Your Child ANYTHING valuable.

Being a first-time Mom, I still have a lot to learn. So, in an effort to have a moment's peace as I was frantically dashing through the house this morning, trying to prepare for a Primary Presidency meeting, I gave McKay a favorite toy: the keys to the church. These are special keys that seem to open everything in the church, from the outer doors to the R.S. closets (shhh...don't tell).

As I handed him the keys I thought fleetingly, "I really shouldn't let him play with such valuable keys. This could really backfire someday." Little did I know how quickly "someday" would come. Literally two seconds after I had handed him the keys, I turned around and they were gone. Just gone. Absolutely gone. I was shocked, horrified, and M.A.D, not at McKay but at myself for being so stupid. Honestly.

I then proceeded to tear the room apart, knowing that the keys couldn't have gone far. I searched the immediate area where he had been playing, the ground, the bed, the bags nearby, the drawers. Nothing. I moved on to the bathroom and tore through the cupboards, the drawers, the shower, the tub, even the toilet (thank heavens it wasn't in there). Then the closet and on and on, all to no avail.

Finally, in a last ditch effort, I tried asking McKay. I bent down, looked in his little blue eyes and pleaded, "McKay, where are Mama's keys"? To my amazement, his eyes lit up and he toddled off purposefully toward the family room. "Could it possibly be", I wondered as I trailed him down the hall. "Could he actually take me to the lost keys?"

I continued in hot pursuit as he walked down the hall, into the study and to the hutch where we keep the car keys. He pulled open the very drawer where our keys are stored and looked at me, beaming. I laughed out loud and gave him a big hug. Neither BJ nor I have ever shown him where we keep the keys (for obvious reasons) yet there he was, showing Mommy where she keeps the keys! They weren't the right set of keys but they were keys nonetheless. I just laughed. He had done what I asked and found my keys. What more could I ask? So, I went to my presidency meeting Primary key-less yet pleased with my sweet and helpful little boy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Children's Museum Fun

Today we spent some time at the Children's Museum with Sierra and Caylor. The boys had a great time playing, especially at the water table. They both got so soaked that they left the museum in only their diapers.
Here is McKay sliding down the treehouse slide...
And chewing on a toy boat...
And trying on a hard hat...
The boys had a great time, ran around the museum until they were exhausted, and slept the entire way home. When I took McKay inside, he was still half asleep. He expressed his displeasure at being distured by mumbling rather incoherantly, "no, no, no". It was a great day. :)
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walkin' Man

"And the walkin' man walks."
He's been cruising for several months now but has just recently developed the courage to go it alone. Here he is flying solo. He's so proud of himself; it makes me smile every time he walks. It's great to be a mom. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seven Years and Counting

Today BJ and I are celebrating our seven-year anniversary! Yesterday I said, "BJ, I can't believe we've been married for seven years. It seems like it has gone by so quickly!" To which he responded, "I know, it seems like it has flown by, except, I can't really remember life before marriage".

Yep, it's been seven years of brain-washing.

Honestly, I can't believe how quickly it has gone by, until I think of all the fun we've had together, all the challenges we've faced together, and all the ways we've grown together over these years. These seven years have been a wonderful journey and there isn't anyone I'd rather have shared them with.

BJ has been an incredible friend and support. I love him for so many reasons but, as time goes on, I realize that it is his ability to love unconditionally has been one of his greatest gifts to me. He never complains or criticizes or really thinks of himself. Instead he believes in me, loves me, and encourages me--he gives me wings. What a selfless gift!

Just for fun, here are a few of my favorite moments from the past 7 years. Happy Anniversary Honey! (Above: In front of the Pantheon in Rome)

With Mickey on our Mediterranean Disney Cruise with BJ's family.
One of my favorites from our wedding day.
One of my not-so-favorite but definitely memorable moments--holding a python in South Africa.
On the last evening of our Honeymoon in Maui.

South Africa with BYU Singers.
Atop Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, those are clouds behind us.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chewing the...

cud... or the grass anyway. I ran but just didn't make it fast enough (as you can see). Lately McKay has been aquiring a taste for strange snacks like grass, mulch, and toilet paper. Lovely.

Here he is, walking like a big boy. He is so proud of himself. He walks more and more all the time and is really very steady on his feet. I love to walk along with him, holding his little hand.

Today, after playing in the yard for a while, we went to Kassie and Alan's house for dinner. We had a delicious breakfast feast of crepes, raspberry chocolate muffins, quiche, hashbrown pancakes, and smoothies. Mmm it was so good! Really, kudos everyone for making such delicious food! Here we are, post feast, with Brittany, Kassie, Lindsay, Joann, Alan, Devin and McKay.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


McKay loves to give kisses. However, sometimes he gets a little confused about what exactly he is doing with his mouth and ends up biting instead. We are working with him on this little habit, telling him, "no, no, no" whenever he bites.

Today he climbed up on my lap and was giving me lots of kisses when things got a little out of hand and he bit me. Before I could open my mouth to scold him, he looked at me, started wagging his finger back and forth and said, "no, no, no, no".

I was rather speechless (and trying very very hard not to burst out in fits of laughter). What do you say when your child scolds himself???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Robertson Family Photos

Robertson Family Photoshoot
And not a day too soon! It has been 12 years since we last had an official family photo session. Since then we've all grown a lot, especially Little Dave, who is now the tallest of us all. Both BJ and McKay have joined our family since last photo and, despite the years, I think our looks have actually improved. So, here we are, in all of our brown and blue glory.
Our talented photographers just happen to be BJ's sister, Katasha and her fiance, Tim. They both graduated from a photography school in Boston and are beginning a photography business in St. George, Utah. They have a great website, and we think they are awesome! After their wedding they'll be traveling the country doing photo shoots and publishing a photography journal of America. You'll have to look them up when they come your way!

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More Pictures

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More Family Pictures

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