Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bensons creation

Bensons preschool teacher sent me this pic yesterday. He did it all by himself and was so proud of himself that she took a picture :).  Look at it sideways... Go Cougars! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Little Nee-Nee is going through that funny stage of repeating everything we say. This is always adorable but sometimes gets us into some trouble. Like, for example, the other day when I said casually, "Oh, I left my papers in the other room, dang it." And behind me I heard a high little voice repeat, "Dain it!" 


A few nights ago I was getting Lily ready for bed. We got her all changed into her diaper and footie pjs, then I went to go get her bottle and tooth brush. When I returned she had completely striped and was standing there shivering. She then grabbed her blanket and tried to wrap herself in it but couldn't get the blanket to go around her correctly. She tried a few times unsuccessfully and got mad. She started slamming her blanket on the floor and said, in rhythm to the blanket-slamming: "So, fuss-waited!!" 

I burst out laughing as I realized she was copying all the times I've said to her, "Oh, are you so frustrated?" It's so funny to hear big words coming out of her tiny little mouth. We sure love our little Nee-Nee! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Whew, our Halloween week was a blur of parties, costumes, and candy! I love Halloween for all of it's spooky fun. To me, it's just a lot of fun but I have to say, it's exhausting too!
McKay as Harry Potter in the school Halloween Parade

Benson's cute Preschool Class puts on a Halloween performance each year. Little Bens is the Batman in the middle. He has been so excited for his performance and has been singing bits of Halloween songs here and there. However, when it came time to start the program he sang one song and then came and sat by Nana and I. When I tried to coax him back up he said he was too embarrassed. He's such a tender little guy, even dressed as Batman.
Little Nee-nee was a kangaroo for Halloween this year. She found her costume about a month early while accompanying me on a trip to TJ Max. She put it on right there in the store and has loved it ever since. Like I said, she's technically a Kangaroo but when asked, she tells everyone she's a puppy. Hehehe so cute!
I somehow ended up as the Room Mom for McKay's 1st Grade class this year, so I was in charge of the Halloween class party. It was a really fun party, despite the chaos of 20 first-graders on sugar highs. We played Halloween Bingo then split up into rotations for other games including Jack-o-lantern toss, Don't Eat Pete, Monster Bowling, and Mystery Feelers. We finished up with monster donuts and witches brew. It was really fun! A big thanks to Nana for being the Associate Room Mom and seriously helping out!
The kids all looked so cute in their costumes. Benson's was really cool but a little bit funny in that his mask was way too big so in order to see out of it he had to tilt his head way back. It was so funny to see him wandering around with his head thrown back. Ahh the comedy of kids and costumes.
And, I just had to include this, "day after" pic of Lily. Crazy hair, still in jammies, and wearing her spider headband. It's only Halloween once a year so we enjoy it :)
Looks like McKay found one of his missing teeth!
Papa and Nana went Trick-or-Treating with us and were great sports to carry and push kids in strollers from house to house. McKay doesn't really like candy very much so after Trick-or-Treating at a few houses he decided to just sit in the stroller. When people would offer him treats he would politely decline. It was so funny!
Another pic of Benson at his program
Two cute boys, ready to head out on the Trick-or-Treating trail
Harry Potter

One more crazy shot of the class party!

Pumpkin carving! 2014