Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, yes, we actually did have a Christmas this year, though from our blog, you'd never know it. Apparently in my world, it is not possible to be mommy, teacher, sick pregnant lady, Primary pres., wife, and bloggerella. Somethin's gotta give...hence the dead-silence from our blog these last few months. Am I making excuses? Yes, yes I am.

So, if anyone is still checking our blog, here's a little look at our wonderful Christmas 2009. This video is of McKay on Christmas morning doing his "Merry Christmas Jig". Check it makes me laugh every time.

As for our Christmas celebration, it was great. We spent Christmas Eve with the Cox's eating delicious dinner and witnessing the CRAZINESS of 20+ children bidding on "mystery" Christmas gifts. Next year, ear plugs for sure!

Christmas morning we spent with the Robertsons, opening presents and having delicious breakfast. McKay was the life of the party. He didn't quite understand the idea of presents. We had to hand him a gift and say, "there's a toy inside" before he would make a move toward opening them. He seems to get the hang of it as we went along though (as you can tell from the video).