Saturday, July 25, 2015

Laie LDS Temple

On Sunday we spent some time on the Laie Temple grounds. The temple there is so beautiful and the gardens surrounding it are lush and tropical. 

We were planning to do family pictures on the beach just in back of our house. However, little Mark had ocean-a-phobia and began screaming if he even heard the ocean. So, we decided we might have happier faces if we did our family pictures on the temple grounds. 

Todd brought along his camera and took some family pictures but here are some pics from my phone.

Nana and Lily

Angie and Kate

All the boys

Silly Faces

Pretty Lily

Dole Plantation and Shark's Cove

We tried to spend most days doing activities as a whole family but on the day the adults went to see Pearl Harbor we decided to do something else with the little ones. So, those of us who had already been to Pearl Harbor on previous trips took the kiddos to the Dole Plantation.

The highlight was definitely the train ride. Look at these happy faces!

The train takes you through the plantation where there are tons of pineapple plants (of course) and lots of red dirt! That was a surprise. It felt like home...but Hawaiian.

After the train ride we grabbed some Dole Whip (A-mazing!) and headed home.

The whole crew at the Dole Plantation

The Dads (Todd and Dan) with their boys

Another highlight was Shark's Cove. The name sounds terrifying but really there are no sharks in the area and it's an incredible spot for snorkeling and wading. We spent a few hours wading through the tide pools observing lots of sea creatures. There were lots of crabs--McKay even caught a few! We found a sea cucumber which McKay picked up, saw fish and sea plants. It was fascinating!

McKay holding the Sea Cucumber

Polynesian Cultural Center

One of our favorite activities on Oahu was the Polynesian Cultural Center. It is an amazing place! I went there about 10 years ago and I didn't remember it being quite so amazing. There were tons of activities and demonstrations all day long! There was something for every age level and interest. We spent some time as a whole family but eventually split up so that the kids could do the hands-on activities while the adults went to the demonstrations. It was a great day for everyone!

We spent the day doing the activities at the PCC then went to the Luau. It was really fun! The kids especially liked the show during dinner. 

Becky, Dan, and Angie sampling the Hawaiian fare

Rachel and the Boys

At the incredible "Ha: Breath of Life" evening show. We loved the fire dancers!!

Lily at the entrance to the PCC

Being greeted by the beautiful Polynesian ladies 

We loved being all together in Hawaii!

Cute Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad provided the trip for everyone! What a gift!

Learning to make palm leaf fish

Playing Hawaiian games at the PCC

Though we don't have a picture, I must note that the kids loved the PCC gift shop too. They spent a long time looking at all the interesting souvenirs and ended up deciding that more than anything they needed some tiki statues. Benson chose the tiny stone statues while McKay opted for a larger wooden one. They use them at home in their Lego games.