Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kate and the wig

A few nights ago Riverside Elementary hosted a Star Wars themed Literacy Night where families were invited to come to the school for activities involving reading. The faculty dressed up in Star Wars costumes; the Principal was Chewbacca!

Students were invited to dress up too. It was sort of a Halloween reboot with Benson wearing his Po starfighter costume. McKay's take on the theme was wrapping up in a brown towel and putting green socks on his ears. It was amazing how many people realized that he was Yoda. Lily, heard the words "dress up" and wasted no time whipping out her Ariel Halloween costume, red wig and all! She paraded through the school proudly, blissfully mistaking people's wide smiles at her as congratulations on the perfect costume choice.

After about half an hour of wearing the long red Ariel wig, Lily got sick of it and handed it to me. A few minutes later I felt the wig being tugged from my hand. There was little Kate, pulling on the wig until she had it. She then plopped it squarely on top of her head, backwards. The long red tresses completely covered her face and torso but she didn't care. When I tried to fix it she screamed and batted my hands away, so I let her be. She spend a solid 25 minutes walking through the school halls looking like a red-haired Cousin It. She kept bumping into things and people but only got upset when the wig fell off.

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