Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thoughts on prayer from church today

During Sacrament meeting our high counsel speaker Brother Lunt (also the doctor who delivered Lily and Kate) stated that he sometimes prays and says what he thinks he should say, not what is truly in his heart. His point is that God already knows us and knows our hearts, the work of prayer is to align our will to God's and to commune with him.

His statement rang true with me. I often approach the Lord with some pretenses, not as a close friend. While there needs to be respect for the God of the universe, ultimately the title he chooses is "Heavenly Father" which suggests he wants us to come to him in that relationship.

I want to become more sincere in my prayers. That is when they will become meaningful and powerful. "Prayer is the soul's sincere desire", the hymn reminds us. I must try to be more honest with the Lord and therefore more sincere in my prayers.

Last week when I was preparing to speak in church, I had a very difficult time! Usually I enjoy preparing talks and lessons but this instance was totally difference. Our topic was incredibly brief and either extremely narrow or incredibly huge and I just felt overwhelmed.

Plus, it was one of the craziest weeks ever! Mary Kreider and her family were in town house-hunting and needed assistance. Becky and her kids came to visit. I was teaching and going to Brigadoon rehearsals, taking care of the kids, and prepping for a Let's Play Music certification video review.

By the time 10pm Sat night rolled around, I still didn't have any idea what I should say in my 15 min talk the next day.

I had been thinking and studying, but I had nothing. My prayer for help to the Lord was certainly sincere, but still nothing came. Not one experience, not one scripture. Finally, in true humility I approached the Lord, realizing that I needed to repent. I had been neglecting scripture study and sincere prayer. Life had been washing over me in such powerful waves I had struggled to keep my head above water and had let go of my lifeline.

After recognizing my neglect and asking for forgiveness and in true humility for help, the ideas began to flow. It was as if a light turned on inside my mind and heart. I not only thought of experiences but received personal revelation to synthesize those experiences and realize the clear blessings the Lord had given me through those experiences.

The process was a powerful lesson to me of unlocking the blessings of the Lord through humble, sincere, prayer.

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