Sunday, August 13, 2017

Family Choir-Stake Conference

Today we had the unique opportunity to sing as a family in stake conference. The usual conference choir is made up of adults but since the focus of this conference was to be on families I wanted to let the music reflect that.

I was prompted to organize a family choir made up of families invited to participate from within the stake. We sang a sweet but simple arrangement of Love is Spoken Here and Families Can Be Together Forever.

Our little family stood on the front row of the choir. The boys were dressed in shirts and ties that matched BJ's. Little Lily wore a pink and white poofy dress. She was so small in the seat she could hardly keep it down with her weight.

The kids were a little wiggly and McKay did manage to smuggle in one Halo action figure, despite my repeated requests that all toys be left at home. Lily (being Lily) began trying to dance as soon as the song began. Luckily she took BJ and I's hands which helped keep her still but eventually I picked her up, at which point she saw Kyla leading the music and began doing her own version of conducting. Oh Lily.

Even so, we were able to stand as a family and sing together. As we did I felt a powerful spirit testifying to me of the importance of the work we are doing in our family. I am grateful to know that our family can be together forever. I know we can through Heavenly Father's plan for us.

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