Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bedtime with the Boys

As Rachel has been helping at St. George Musical Theater with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I've been able to be with the kids to bed a fair amount.

We have a pretty specific routine with all the kids. Potty and Brush teeth; Read a book or two (or a chapter of a bigger bookfor the boys); and, finally, singing a few songs. As there has been just me to get the kids down some nights, I have recruited the boys to help me put Kate to bed.

Tonight, I told the boys we could read an extra chapter if they would put Kate to bed completely. I wasn't sure how that would go, so I kept a keen eye on them throughout the process. The bedtime routine went something like this:

-McKay changed Kate's Diaper (I inspected and he did a pretty good job!)
-Benson read her two books
-McKay fixed a bottle for her
-(I sneaked in and ensured her teeth were brushed and that she was dressed warm enough)
-When Benson was done, I went in to sing her a couple songs, but she requested Benson to sing to her. (I loved that!)
-Benson sang Bye-O-Bye to her while I sang to Lily in her bed.
-Benson came in to let me know that Kate was requesting me again.
-Benson took my place and sang a song to Lily (I loved this even more because he and Lily sometimes don't get along so well...)

Way to go Boys! I was so proud of them tonight. :)

Of course, the boys got ready for bed and I read them an extra chapter... or two :)

Love my little family!